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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2011Two new phenolic compounds from the rhizomes of Gastrodia elata BLUME서은경; 한아름Article
2011Synthesis and evaluation of diarylthiazole derivatives that inhibit activation of sterol regulatory element-binding proteins박혜영Article
2011Pre-osteoblastic cell responses on poly (ε-caprolactone)- organosiloxane nanocomposite prepared by sol-gel method이승진Conference Paper
2011Cell penetrating peptides for tumor targeting이승진Article
2011Reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress하헌주Article
2010Regulation of the 5-HT3A receptor-mediated current by alkyl 4-hydroxybenzoates isolated from the seeds of Nelumbo nucifera서은경Article
2009Highly concise synthesis of 3'-"up"-ethynyl-5'-methylbicyclo- [3.1.0]hexyl purine and pyrimidine nucleoside derivatives using rhodium(II) carbenoid cycloaddition and highly diastereoselective Grignard reaction정낙신Article
2009Nucleoside-based adenosine A3 receptor antagonists as drug candidates정낙신Review
2010Inhibition of lipopolysaccharide-induced nitric oxide production by antofine and its analogues in RAW 264.7 macrophage cells이상국Article
2010Daphnane diterpene esters with anti-proliferative activities against human lung cancer cells from Daphne genkwa이상국; 서은경Article
2009Synthesis of neplanocin a analog with 2′′-"up"-C-methyl substituent as potential anti-HCV Agent정낙신Article
2008Antioxidant, antiinflamatory, and antiproliferative activities of strawberry extracts이상국; 박헌주Article
2008Toxicity of novel solubilizer of paclitaxel, Aceporol 330, in beagle dogs신윤용Article
2008Toxicity of aceporol 330 in mice as novel solubilizer of paclitaxel신윤용Article
2009Design, synthesis, antitumor activity and mode of action of novel oxiranyl and thiiranyl phenol derivatives정낙신Article
2009A concise synthesis of licochalcone E and its Regio-isomer, licochalcone F권영주Article
2009Two new stereoisomers of neolignan and lignan from the flower buds of magnolia fargesii서은경Article
2008Synthesis of fluoroneplanocin A정낙신; 최원준Review
1989Reactivity of 7-dithiocarboxy-imidazo[2,1-b]thiazoliumbetaine with aliphatic alkylating agents서명은Article
1985Bovine lens aldose reductase inhibitory effects of some natural monoterpenes유충규Article