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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2008Toxicity of aceporol 330 in mice as novel solubilizer of paclitaxel신윤용Article
2009Design, synthesis, antitumor activity and mode of action of novel oxiranyl and thiiranyl phenol derivatives정낙신Article
2009A concise synthesis of licochalcone E and its Regio-isomer, licochalcone F권영주Article
2009Two new stereoisomers of neolignan and lignan from the flower buds of magnolia fargesii서은경Article
2008Synthesis of fluoroneplanocin A정낙신; 최원준Review
1989Reactivity of 7-dithiocarboxy-imidazo[2,1-b]thiazoliumbetaine with aliphatic alkylating agents서명은Article
1985Bovine lens aldose reductase inhibitory effects of some natural monoterpenes유충규Article
1985Der Nachweis von nahrungsmittel-hygienisch toxischen Thujon und Caranon - Farbreaktionsmechanismus auf Thujon und Caranon유충규Article
1986Studies on the antitumor activity of Duchesnea indicae Herba이인란Article
2004Induction of G 2/M cell cycle arrest and apoptosis by a benz[f]indole-4,9-dione analog in cultured human lung (A549) cancer cells이상국Article
2007Mechanisms of epithelial-mesenchymal transition of peritoneal mesothelial cells during peritoneal dialysis하헌주Review
2007Structure-based inference of molecular functions of proteins of unknown function from Berkeley Structural Genomics Center신동해Review
1988Effects of ginseng protein on relative survival and chromosome aberration of UV irradiated cells김춘미Article
2007Surface characteristics of plasma-treated PLGA nanofibers이승진Conference Paper
2007Alvaradoins E-N, antitumor and cytotoxic anthracenone C-glycosides from the leaves of Alvaradoa haitiensis서은경Article
2006Balancing focused combinatorial libraries based on multiple GPCR ligands최선Article
2007Polyproline-rod approach to isolating protein targets of bioactive small molecules: Isolation of a new target of indomethacin권영주Article
2006The effects of biasing torsional mutations in a conformational GA최선Article
2005A facile synthesis of 2-aminothiazolo[5,4-b]pyridines and2-aminobanzoxazoles via cyclization of thioureas박혜영Article
2005Friedländer reactions of triacetylmethane- unusual distribution of products-권영주Article