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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Foreign Direct Investment Flows from China to Korea in the Automobile Industry마재신Article
2007Development of technology-intensive industries in Korea마재신Article
2007Interorganizational information sharing in the airline industry: An analysis of stock market responses to code-sharing agreements우원석Conference Paper
2008Market reaction to patent infringement litigations in the information technology industry우원석Article
2007Export Promotion Policies and Economic Development of China마재신Article
2010Determinants of FDI Flows into Indonesia and Singapore마재신Article
2009China's R & D policies and technology-intensive industries마재신Article
2016Persuading Pariahs: Myanmar's Strategic Decision to Pursue Reform and OpeningLeif Eric EasleyArticle
2017How proactive? How pacifist? Charting Japan’s evolving defence postureLeif Eric EasleyArticle
2016Grand bargain or bad idea? U.S. relations with China and Taiwan: To the editors (Leif-eric easley writes)Leif Eric EasleyLetter
2016China's norms in its near abroad: understanding Beijing's North Korea policyLeif Eric EasleyArticle
2009Firm size, corporate leverage and corporate dividend: Evidence from Korean banking industry이석원Article
2009Does the agency problem exist in Korean banking industry?이석원Article
2011Any differences in the dividend policy between national and regional banks?이석원Article
2011Contractual choice in apartment markets: The confluence of economics and institutions in Korea우원석Article
2015The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment Inflows on Income Inequality: Evidence from China마재신Article
2011Regulatory regimes and bank behavior이석원Article
2015Initiatives for change in Korean higher education: Quest for excellence of world-class universitiesJean S. Kang(강지현)Article
2015Firm size and different priorities in capital structure policy이석원Article