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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2001Searching for the organization-public relationship: A valid and reliable instrument김영욱Article
2004Media or personal relations? Exploring media relations dimensions in South Korea김영욱Article
2018Influencing Myself: Self-Reinforcement Through Online Political Expression최윤정Article
2017Emergence of the viewing public: Does social television viewing transform individual viewers into a viewing public?최윤정Article
2017Television news formats and constructing the public sphere: A case study on the sewol ferry disaster김영욱Article
2001Perceptions of branding among television station managers: An exploratory analysis김영욱Article
2017What makes us two-screen users? The effects of two-screen viewing motivation and psychological traits on social interactions임소혜Article
2017Shifting from an audience to an active public in social viewing: Focusing on the discussion network최윤정Conference Paper
2017Investigating effects of social media news sharing on the relationship between network heterogeneity and political participation최지향Article
2017Moderating effect of motivation for MIM use on the association between MIM bullying opportunities and MIM bullying behaviours임소혜Article
2017Verb objectivity and source qualification: Comparison of quotation attributions in offline and online newspapers이건호Review
2016News Internalizing and Externalizing: The Dimensions of News Sharing on Online Social Networking Sites최지향Article
2016Differential Use, Differential Effects: Investigating the Roles of Different Modes of News Use in Promoting Political Participation최지향Article
2002The Asian financial crisis and the tribulations of the South Korean media이재경Article
2001Public relations in south korea applying theories and exploring opportunities김영욱Article
2001Applying and measuring strategic evaluation to the case of Microsoft김영욱Review
2001Issues evaluation: The case of Microsoft김영욱Article
2001Institutional image: A case study김영욱Article
2003Conceptualizing health campaign strategies through the level of involvement김영욱Article
2017Contextual advertising in games: Impacts of game context on a player’s memory and evaluation of brands in video games유승철Article