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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Network Ties and Congressional Delegation to U.S. Federal Agencies이종곤Article
2017The paradox of inequality in South Korea: Minsaeng kyŏngje and reinvigorated developmentalism윤지환Article
2017Urban Hysteresis and Anti-Left Sentiments in Asia: Beyond the Global Middle-Class Thesis윤지환Article
2018Faction Polarization and Ideological Realignment in South Korea이종곤Article
2007A Damocles Sword?: Korean Hopes Betrayed구대열Article
2015Class betrayal voting: Income group and vote choice in Korean presidential elections이종곤Review
2015Biting back against civil society: It, media and communication regulations in south korea민병원Book Chapter
2014Public meetings for efficient administrative performance in the United States이종곤Article
2014The instability of Korean political parties: Cue-givers and cue-chasing politicians이종곤Article
2013Why did the self-employed distrust the Democratic Party in South Korea's 2012 presidential election?: Beyond modernization theory윤지환Article
2013Sacrificing entrepreneurship? the labor politics of small businesses in Korea and Japan윤지환Article
2012The Korean way of financial rationalization and discouraged workers윤지환Article
2010The failure of Baekje's prudential diplomacy: Revisiting the Samguk sagi from an international relations perspective구대열Review
2015Progressive setback in East Asia: why and how urban citizens challenged the new politics윤지환Article
2016The Setback in Political Entrepreneurship and Employment Dualization in Japan, 1998-2012윤지환Article
2008Films and cultural hegemony: American hegemony "outside" and "inside" the "007" movie series남궁곤Article