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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Bilingualism confers advantages in task switching: Evidence from the dimensional change card sort task*양수진Article in Press
2016The effect of authenticity and social distance on CSR activity양윤Article
2016The complex nature of bilinguals' language usage modulates task-switching outcomes양수진Short Survey
2016The association between protective behavioral strategies and alcohol-related problems: An examination of race and gender differences among college drinkers김수영Article
2014A Hierarchical Multi-Unidimensional IRT Approach for Analyzing Sparse, Multi-Group Data for Integrative Data Analysis김수영Article in Press
2009Assessing the universal structure of personality in early adolescence: The NEO-PI-R and NEO-PI-3 in 24 cultures안현의Article
2005The lack of pseudohomophone priming effects with short durations in reading and naming이혜원Article
2005Parenting and preschoolers' symptoms as a function of child gender and SES김현정Review
2005Direct and indirect longitudinal effects of parental involvement on student achievement: Second-order latent growth modeling across ethnic groups홍세희Article
2014Work, family, support, and depression: Employed mothers in Israel, Korea, and the United States유성경Article
2014Social categorization and right-wing authoritarianism in reporting potential terrorist threats in cyberspace설경옥Article
2014Working alliance as a mediator and moderator between expectations for counseling success and counseling outcome among Korean clients유성경Article
2014Gender Stereotypes of Personality: Universal and Accurate?안현의Article
2014Determining the Number of Latent Classes in Single- and Multiphase Growth Mixture Models김수영Article
2014MTHFR 1298A>C is a risk factor for autism spectrum disorder in the Korean population방희정Letter
2014Using mixture models with known class membership to address incomplete covariance structures in multiple-group growth models김수영Article
2013Association of the FGA and SLC6A4 genes with autistic spectrum disorder in a Korean population방희정Article
2013The inaccuracy of national character stereotypes안현의Article
2013Associations between single-nucleotide polymorphism in the FNDC3A and autism spectrum disorder in a Korean population방희정Article
2013Single and Multiple Ability Estimation in the SEM Framework: A Noninformative Bayesian Estimation Approach김수영Article