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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Influencer marketing on Instagram: How sponsorship disclosure, influencer credibility, and brand credibility impact the effectiveness of Instagram promotional post [照片墙网红营销:公开赞助, 网红信誉以及品牌可信度如何影响照片墙促销效果]Eunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2020How age-morphed images make Me feel: The role of emotional responses in building support for seniorsEunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2020Comparison of the K-WISC-IV profiles of boys with autism spectrum disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder김현미Article
2020Activating persuasion knowledge in native advertising: the influence of cognitive load and disclosure languageEunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2020The Good Mothering Expectations Scale: An International Instrument Development Study [“좋은 엄마에 대한 기대” 척도: 인터내셔날 척도 개발 연구]유성경Article
2020A comparison of Bayesian to maximum likelihood estimation for latent growth models in the presence of a binary outcome김수영Article
2020Bouba and Kiki inside objects: Sound-shape correspondence for objects with a hole김성호Article
2014Intra- and Intermanual Curvature Aftereffect Can Be Obtained via Tool-Touch김성호Article
2015Positive affect facilitates the effect of a warning on false memory in the DRM paradigm양수진Article
2016Assessing child bilingualism: Direct assessment of bilingual syntax amends caretaker report양수진Article
2017Are all interferences bad? Bilingual advantages in working memory are modulated by varying demands for controlled processing양수진Article
2018#Me and brands: understanding brand-selfie posters on social mediaEunice Eun-Sil Kim(김은실)Article
2019Upward social comparison and Facebook users' grandiosity Examining the effect of envy on loneliness and subjective well-being양윤Article
2018Bilingualism positively predicts mathematical competence: Evidence from two large-scale studies양수진Article
2018Directional Bias for Vertical Integration of Motion Trajectories Investigation of an Ambiguous Bouncing-Bouncing Display김성호Article
2019Perception of a Surface Split Induced by Globally Inconsistent Kinetic Occlusion: Objects With Salient Parts Break Apart Easily김성호Article
2019Priming effects of age stereotypes on memory of older adults in Korea이혜원Article
2019The effects of script variation, literacy skills, and immersion experience on executive attention: a comparison of matched monoscriptal and biscriptal bilinguals양수진Article
2002Clients' attributions of recalled important or helpful events in a counseling interview이동렬Review
2002Self and other ratings of Canadian and Korean groups of mental health professionals and their clients이동렬Article