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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019Priming effects of age stereotypes on memory of older adults in Korea이혜원Article
2019The effects of script variation, literacy skills, and immersion experience on executive attention: a comparison of matched monoscriptal and biscriptal bilinguals양수진Article
2002Clients' attributions of recalled important or helpful events in a counseling interview이동렬Review
2002Self and other ratings of Canadian and Korean groups of mental health professionals and their clients이동렬Article
2018Bilingualism confers advantages in task switching: Evidence from the dimensional change card sort task양수진Article
2018How individual and environmental factors influence teachers' bullying intervention이승연Article
2004A psychometric revision of the Asian values scale using the Rasch model홍세희Article
2003Development and validation of an Altruism Scale for Adults이동렬Article
2005A psychometric revision of the european american values scale for Asian Americans using the rasch model홍세희Review
2004Adolescents' peer-rated mental health, peer-acceptance, and irrational beliefs이동렬Article
2004Does sex of client affect counselors' evaluation?이동렬Review
2006Low-vision reading speed: Influences of linguistic inference and aging이혜원Article
2005Rasch rating scale modeling of the Korean version of the beck depression inventory홍세희Article
2016The effect of authenticity and social distance on CSR activity양윤Article
2016The complex nature of bilinguals' language usage modulates task-switching outcomes양수진Short Survey
2016The association between protective behavioral strategies and alcohol-related problems: An examination of race and gender differences among college drinkers김수영Article
2014A Hierarchical Multi-Unidimensional IRT Approach for Analyzing Sparse, Multi-Group Data for Integrative Data Analysis김수영Article in Press
2009Assessing the universal structure of personality in early adolescence: The NEO-PI-R and NEO-PI-3 in 24 cultures안현의Article
2005The lack of pseudohomophone priming effects with short durations in reading and naming이혜원Article
2005Parenting and preschoolers' symptoms as a function of child gender and SES김현정Review