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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2001Consistent specification testing for conditional moment restrictions황윤재Article
2002Nonparametric estimation with aggregated data황윤재Article
2019Bond risk premia in a small open economy with volatile capital flows: The case of Korea윤재호Article
2019Tests for Detecting Probability Mass Points송호신Article
2019Two-Dimensional Self-Selection of Borrowers김성현Article
2019Early 60s is not old enough: Evidence from twenty-one countries’ equity fund markets김세완Article
1998A test of autocorrelation in the presence of heteroskedasticity of unknown form황윤재Article
2018Top incomes and the measurement of inequality in EgyptVladimir HlasnyArticle
2017Can a comparative capitalism approach explain fiscal policy activism?Vladimir Hlasny; Thomas KalinowskiArticle
2017Long-run dynamic correlation of nonstationary variables when the trends are misspecified이진Article
2017Evolution of opportunities for early childhood development in Arab countriesVladimir HlasnyArticle
2018Inter-Group Expenditure Gaps In The Arab Region And Their Determinants: Application To Egypt, Jordan, Palestine And TunisiaVladimir HlasnyArticle
1997On the efficiency of the rank-order contract under moral hazard and adverse selection윤정열Article
2017Estimation of the impact of the statutory labor hours cut on labor earnings in Korea송호신Article
2017Job applicant screening in China and its four pillarsVladimir HlasnyConference Paper
2017Catch Me If You Can: Referee–Team Relationships and Disciplinary Cautions in FootballVladimir HlasnyArticle
2016Risks with semi-infinite support: Characterizations and applications김성현Article
2016The effect of banking sector’s business conditions on the transmission mechanism of monetary policy윤재호Article
2007Shill-bidding in private values auctionsVladimir HlasnyArticle