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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Top incomes and the measurement of inequality in EgyptVladimir HlasnyArticle
1997On the efficiency of the rank-order contract under moral hazard and adverse selection윤정열Article
2017Estimation of the impact of the statutory labor hours cut on labor earnings in Korea송호신Article
2017Can a comparative capitalism approach explain fiscal policy activism?Vladimir Hlasny; Thomas KalinowskiArticle
2017Job applicant screening in China and its four pillarsVladimir HlasnyConference Paper
2017Catch Me If You Can: Referee–Team Relationships and Disciplinary Cautions in FootballVladimir HlasnyArticle
2016Risks with semi-infinite support: Characterizations and applications김성현Article
2016The effect of banking sector’s business conditions on the transmission mechanism of monetary policy윤재호Article
2007Shill-bidding in private values auctionsVladimir HlasnyArticle
2014Credit rationing and signalling effects of trade credit: Theory and evidence from korean firms김성현Article
2010China and East Asian regional integration: Inception of ACFTA and APEC at 20유임수Article
2014On the spectral degeneracy of wavelet transforms of fractional Brownian motion이진Article
2012Macro-finance term structure analysis using structural vector autoregression윤재호Article
2012Sequential quality and price competition in hotelling model김성현Article
2010Regional impacts of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's SO 2 policyVladimir HlasnyArticle
2010Economic growth in Asia: Determinants and prospects홍기석Article
2010Long-run variance estimation for linear processes under possible degeneracy이진Article
2009Crises in asia: Historical perspectives and implications홍기석Article
2009An analysis on the welfare effect of market entry and price discrimination: The case of horizontally differentiated downstream market김성현Article