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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Rapid assessment of microbiota changes in individuals with autism spectrum disorder using bacteria-derived membrane vesicles in urine이소현; 서주영; 한평림; 김의정Article
2016Analysis on current practice and needs based survey of parents and speech-language pathologists for reading intervention with smart device applications박은혜; 김영태Article
2017Income Patterns of Households Including Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities According to Poverty Dynamics박승희Article
2016Educating children with intellectual disability이숙향Book Chapter
2012The effects of a family support program including respite care on parenting stress and family quality of life perceived by primary caregivers of childeren with disabilities in Korea박지연Article
2012The effects of the family-involved sdlmi on academic engagement and goal attainment of middle school students with disabilities who exhibit problem behavior박지연Article
2015Perceptions of Korean pre-service special educators regarding teaching competencies for students with disabilities이숙향Article
2014Cognitive impairment and intellectual disability이숙향Review
2012The Development of Educational and/or Training Computer Games for Students With Disabilities권정민Article
2009Effects of instructional rubrics on class engagement behaviors and the achievement of lesson objectives by students with mild mental retardation and their typical peers이소현Conference Paper
2009Family perspectives: Using a cultural prism to understand families from Asian cultural backgrounds이숙향Article
2009Student and teacher variables contributing to access to the general education curriculum for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities이숙향Article
2008Self-determination and access to the general education curriculum이숙향Article
2009Goal setting and self-monitoring for students with disabilities: Practical tips and ideas for teachers이숙향Article
2007Social engagement with peers and stereotypic behavior of children with autism이소현Article
2003Toward assessing family outcomes of service delivery: Validation of a family quality of life survey박지연Article
2017Virtual Manipulatives: Tools for Teaching Mathematics to Students With Learning Disabilities신미경Article
2016The effects of tablet-based SDLMI intervention on academic engagement and problem behaviours of elementary school students with severe intellectual disabilities이숙향Meeting Abstract
2016Effects of a collaboration-based instruction model for self-determination of students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in secondary inclusive education settings이숙향Meeting Abstract
2016An inquiry into impacts of policies promoting inclusive education in Korea이숙향Meeting Abstract