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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Uniqueness of solutions for the boundary value problem of certain nonlinear elliptic operators via p-harmonic boundary이용하Article
2018Smale spaces from self-similar graph actions이인협Article
2018Uniqueness of solutions of a certain nonlinear elliptic equation on riemannian manifolds이용하Article
2003Rough isometry and energy-finite solutions for the Schrödinger operator on Riemannian manifolds이용하Conference Paper
1997Simple complete ideals in two-dimensional regular local rings노선숙Article
2003Fostering spatial visualization ability through web-based virtual-reality program and paper-based program권오남Article
2007Energy finite p-harmonic functions on graphs and rough isometries이용하Article
2007Asymptotic Dirichlet problem for the Schrödinger operator on 2-dimensional Cartan-Hadamard manifolds이용하Article
2005Integrally closed modules and their divisors노선숙Article
2006Adjacent integrally closed ideals in 2-dimensional regular local rings노선숙Article
2005Asymptotic dirichlet problem for the schrödinger operator via rough isometry이용하Conference Paper
2018Inverse semigroups associated with one-dimensional generalized solenoids이인협Article
2017Limit dynamical systems and C*-algebras from self-similar graph actions이인협Article
2010Alternative mathematics assessment: A case study of the development of descriptive problems for elementary school in Korea노선숙; 김민경Article
2017Royden Decomposition for Harmonic Maps with Finite Total Energy이용하Article
2008Simple valuation ideals of order 3 in two-dimensional regular local rings노선숙Article
2003Rough isometry and energy finite solutions of the Schrödinger operator on graphs이용하Article
2010Rough isometry and the space of bounded energy finite solutions of the Schrödinger operator on graphs이용하Article
2014Asymptotic Boundary Value Problem of Harmonic Maps via Harmonic Boundary이용하Article
2013C*-algebras from groupoids on self-similar groups이인협Article