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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1998Effects of integrating problem solving, interactive multimedia, and constructivism in teacher education김민경Article
1998The gravitational wave of the scalar-tensor theory김성원Article
1998Traversable wormhole with classical scalar fields김성원Article
1997The Effect of Dietary Threonine on Adh Expression during the Development of Drosophila melanogaster강순자Article
1997Entropy of the BTZ black hole in 2+1 dimensions김성원Article
1997The cosmological model with scalar, spin and torsion field김성원Article
1997Simple complete ideals in two-dimensional regular local rings노선숙Article
1996Culture and the Korean kindergarten curriculum이기숙Article
1996Nd and Sr isotopic signatures of mesozoic granitoids in South Korea김규한Article
1996Short tandem repeat (STR) system HUMCYAR04 in Korean population강순자Article
1996Solid-state 31P NMR chemical shielding tensors in binuclear platinum diphosphite complexes우애자Article
1996DNA polymorphism in the Adh region of Drosophila melanogaster in Korea강순자; 임미연Article
1996Brans-dicke cosmological model with torsion김성원Article
1996The relationship between stereotypic behavior and peer social interaction for children with severe disabilities이소현Article
1996Solid-state 1H and29Si NMR studies of silicate and borosilicate gel to glass conversion우애자Article
1996Dimeric short tandem repeat polymorphism analysis using automated fluorescent detection in Korean population강순자Article
1996Examination of 'global atmospheric temperature monitoring with satellite microwave measurements' (3) cloud and rain contamination유정문Article
1996Nonvanishing entropy of extremal charged black holes김성원; 이현주Article
1996Cosmological model with a traversable wormhole김성원Article
1995Quantum cosmological entropy production and the asymmetry of thermodynamic time김성원Article