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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018A critical assessment of abortion law and its implementation in South Korea배현아Article
2016Legal and ethical issues regarding end-of-life care in korea최경석Article
2016Physicians’ attitude toward the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment: A comparison between Korea, Japan, and China권복규; 배현아Article
2016A Reflection on Practical Training in Legal Education in South Korea오수근Article
2006Personal bankruptcy in Korea: Challenges and responses오수근Review
2014Korea: Public procurement for innovation policy: Korean experience김대인Book Chapter
2013Insolvency law in Korea오수근Book Chapter
2014Composing an investment chapter of the Korea-China-Japan FTA최원목Book Chapter
2011Law and development perspective on international trade law최원목Book
2007Comparative overview of Asian insolvency reforms in the last decade오수근Book Chapter
2003Law and labour-management relations in South Korea: Advancing industrial democratisation이철수Book Chapter
2011Trade law and regulation in Korea최원목Book
2011Trade remedy laws and regulations of Korea: Anti-Dumping and countervailing measures최원목Chapter
2010Korean administrative cases in 'law and development' context김대인Chapter
2012Microtrade and public procurement: Facilitating "Aid for Trade" through government purchasing김대인Conference Paper
2005Legal problems of making regional trade agreements with non-WTO-member states최원목Review
2003A comparison between the international and US regimes regulating oil pollution liability and compensation김인호Article
2003Regional economic integration in East Asia: Prospect and jurisprudence최원목Review
2002Ten years after the enactment of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990: A success or a failure김인호Article
2013Determining the causes of pre-hospital cardiac arrest: Its relationship to the Korean legal system배현아Article