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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
200810대 그룹과 산업별 주가 클러스터링 분석장정윤Master's Thesis
20122-수준 요인배치법에서 계량인자들의 곡선효과 검증을 위한 축차적인 추가실험설계최정인Master's Thesis
20052001 국민건강∙영양조사 자료의 데이터마이닝을 이용한 성인의 외식빈도 예측모형 개발송수민Master's Thesis
20102008년 사망원인질병에 대한 로지스틱 회귀분석신우영Master's Thesis
20102008년 한국 초중고 학생에 대한 사교육비 자료분석김진희Master's Thesis
19993-Afc method under unequal variances and correlated variables이윤정Master's Thesis
19993차원 해저면 시계열 탐사신호의 이상점 보정에 관한 연구이정숙Master's Thesis
2003A bayesian analysis for identifying differentially expressed genes by using a mixture of three normal distributions조문정Master's Thesis
2005A case study for improving misclassification rates using compact logistic regression盧鉉京Master's Thesis
2000A comparative study for the duo-trio method and the triangular method조영숙Master's Thesis
2001A comparative study on software packages for survey data analysis허서연Master's Thesis
2019A comparison study of machine learning methods with multi-modality곽승연Master's Thesis
2019A Comparison Study of Methods for Fitting Semiparametric Frailty Model김민경Master's Thesis
2020A comparison study of survival data analysis with missing measurements of time-varying covariates김민정Master's Thesis
2016A Competing Risks Model with Applications to Life Insurance박은지Master's Thesis
2011A Continuous-time Asymmetric Power GARCH(1,1) model driven by a Lévy process송지혜Master's Thesis
2015A Forecasting-model Comparison for Whole-day Realized Volatilities Including Overnight Variations김수연Master's Thesis
2018A Joint Life Insurance under a Common Shock Environment with Aftereffects안희경Master's Thesis
2019A Joint Life Insurance under Dependent Life Distribution with Interdependent Environmental Factors김희경Master's Thesis
2019A mean-difference test based on self-normalization for alternating regime index data sets김보경Master's Thesis