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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014Expressions of the Floral MADS-box Genes in Carex dickinsii Franch. & Sav. (Cyperaceae)이보라Master's Thesis
2009Population structure and genetic evidence for population expansion of the sweet smelt (Plecoglossus altivelis) in East Asia송혜경Master's Thesis
2009한국 고라니(Hydropotes inermis argyropus)의 위 내용물 분석을 통한 식이습성 분석박지은Master's Thesis
2009Intraspecific variation in wing morphology of the Black-Billed Magpie (Pica pica) in relation to sex and age황주선Master's Thesis
2009Geographic Variation in Male Advertisement Calls and Body Size of the Tree Frog Hyla japonica함은혜Master's Thesis
2009Effect of the size of male courtship structures on female preference in the fiddler crab Uca lacteaZhu ZhenMaster's Thesis
2009The effects of temperature on the geographical distribution of Uroctea lesserti (Araneae : Oecobiidae) in Korea박소연Master's Thesis
2009토양 내 아연존재형태 및 탈수소효소 활성도 변화에 미치는 메밀의 영향남윤선Master's Thesis
2009한강수계 호수에 출현하는 식물플랑크톤의 생태적 현황 연구김윤정Master's Thesis
2009Seed Micromorphology of Orchidaceae in Korea김성은Master's Thesis
2009The effects of wind on the structure, shape and orientation of nests in Korean black-billed magpie (Pica pica sericea)권은비Master's Thesis
2009Lifetime calling patterns and tactics in the field cricket Teleogryllus emma (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)장수진Master's Thesis
2008Biological Studies of Gorgonian Coral Calicogorgia granulosa (Anthozoa: Gorgonacea: Plexauridae)조인영Master's Thesis
2008Parental allocation of food in relation to chicks’ begging behavior and position in the nest of Korean black-billed magpies (Pica pica sericea)최진Master's Thesis
2008A population genetic study on the Korean tideland snail, Batillaria cumingi and complete mitochondrial DNA sequences of three octocorallian species (Nephtheidae)김보아Master's Thesis
2007Reproductive Biology of Dendronephthya suensoni (Nephtheidae; Alcyonacea) and Identification of Species in the Genus Dendronephthya based on mtCO1 gene최은지Master's Thesis
2007Reconsideration of Section Fuscoveratrum (Veratrum, Liliaceae; Melanthiaceae) in Korea Based on Morphological and Molecular data차민경Master's Thesis
2012The niche partitioning of the multidimensional acoustic space in an avian community이선주Master's Thesis
2012The effects of local weather condition on offspring sex ratio of the Black-billed Magpie (Pica pica)이윤숙Master's Thesis
2012포란 기간 중 까치 수컷의 둥지방문 횟수와 암컷의 포란 노력에 대한 연구박윤희Master's Thesis