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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014Studies on the Subcellular Localization of Peroxiredoxin V and its Stability and Antioxidant Function in Mitochondria and the Function of Peroxiredoxin I in the Kidney of Cisplatin-injected Mice심주현Doctoral Thesis
2014Effects of Adamantyl Derivatives on Pharmacokinetic Behavior of Paclitaxel in Rats김경미Master's Thesis
2014Development of Topoisomerase IIα Catalytic Inhibitors and Analysis of Their Anticancer Activity in Colon Cancer Cells박소은Master's Thesis
2014Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Polyphosphazene-Docetaxel Conjugate김현정Master's Thesis
2014Baculovirus-based Vaccine Displaying Hemagglutinin of 2009 Pandemic Influenza Virus Elicits Broad Protective Immunity in Mice심상희Master's Thesis
2014Vaccination with glycoprotein core fragments from Respiratory Syncytial Virus A and B subtypes induces broad protective immunity against both subtype infections함박눈Master's Thesis
2014Part 1. Design and Synthesis of Peptidomimetic Inhibitors Targeting Histamine-Releasing Factor Part 2. Design and Synthetic Studies on Tubulysin Analogs박윤정Doctoral Thesis
2014Ca2+-mediated Translocation of m-Calpain Induces Ku80 Cleavage and Enhances Ku80-related DNA Repair Pathway백경혜Master's Thesis
2014BPM-5d; Synthesized Novel Dual Inhibitor Targeting Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 and Topoisomerase IIα with Potent Anticancer Activity in Trastuzumab-Resistant Colon Cancer Cells우현정Master's Thesis
2014Identification of Tricin from the Adlay hull and Comparative HPLC Analysis between Adlay and Adlay hull최고은Master's Thesis
2014Constituents from the Dried Leaves of Verbascum blattaria윤이수Master's Thesis
2014Pattern Recognition Analysis for Prediction of NSAIDs-induced Adverse Effects in Rats using ¹H-NMR-based Metabolomics엄소영Doctoral Thesis
2014Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Carbocyclic NucleosidesDEVIDAS, NAYAK AKSHATADoctoral Thesis
2014Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel 4′-Selenonucleosides유진하Doctoral Thesis
2014Scaffold-supported delivery of cardiac stem cells and VEGF for enhanced cardiac repair정혜진Doctoral Thesis
2013Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of a dual subunit vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus and influenza virus박민희Master's Thesis
2013TAZ modulators, TM-53 and TM-54 stimulate TAZ dependent myogenic differentiation박건화Master's Thesis
2013Lys-313 of T-bet is crucial for the control of protein stability and suppression of NFAT activity in T cell development장은정Doctoral Thesis
2013Differential protective effects of exenatide, a GLP-1R agonist, and piragliatin, a glucokinase activator, under ER stress in pancreatic beta cells김미경Doctoral Thesis
2013Study on the potential signaling pathways of translationally controlled tumor protein involved in the vascular contractility맹지혜Doctoral Thesis