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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Construction of a New Edge Detection Method based on Least-squares constraints정지윤Master's Thesis
2017A Revision of Quality Estimation of BKZ reduced Bases and Its Applications정세은Master's Thesis
2017Properties of λ-commuting operators김형지Master's Thesis
2017Development of Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillatory Schemes Based on Exponential Polynomials양효선Doctoral Thesis
2017Self-dual and cyclic codes over Galois rings김보란Doctoral Thesis
2017Mathematical Analysis on Traffic Engineering in Software-Defined Network김희원Master's Thesis
2016Cluster Algebra Structure of Certain Quadratic Algebras유세민Master's Thesis
2016Polyhedral Groups and Related Polytopes in Quaternions최지현Master's Thesis
2016On operators satisfying the generalized Cauchy-Schwarz inequality최한나Master's Thesis
2016Aluthge, Duggal, and mean operator transforms and local spectral theory of some operator equations이미정Doctoral Thesis
2016Image Zooming Method based on Data-adapted Moving Least Hd for Salt-and-Pepper Noise최예지Master's Thesis
2016Cryptanalysis of Feistel Block Ciphers, SIMON and SEED using Low Data Attack황서연Master's Thesis
2016An Elementary Proof of the Optimal Recovery of the Thin Plate Spline Radial Basis Function김모란Master's Thesis
2016Exploiting Sparsity of Bounded Sums of Squares Hierarchy for Polynomial Optimization이민지Master's Thesis
2016Construction for Families of Pairing-friendly Elliptic Curves이파라Doctoral Thesis
2015An Improved Attack Algorithm on NTRU Using Modified Reuse Technique정경미Master's Thesis
2015Resampling Of Audio Signal Using Interpolation And Filter박주연Master's Thesis
2015Classification of cyclic self-dual codes over Z_(4) or Z_(8) of length 2^(e)김승희Master's Thesis
2015Construction of formally self-dual codes over Z_4김보름Master's Thesis
2015Least-Squares Monte Carlo method for the valuation of American Options김다정Master's Thesis