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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2000The center of p-compact groups남자영Master's Thesis
2000Exotic p-compact groups최성수Master's Thesis
1999Existence of almost complex structure of 4-manifold조현주Master's Thesis
1999P-Adic heights심경아Doctoral Thesis
1999Rigidity of maslov class and exotic symplectic structure윤진의Doctoral Thesis
1999Quaternion algebras and clifford algebras최희선Master's Thesis
1999A comparison of CLAWPACK and USE-FDS method for linear advection equations박수복Master's Thesis
1999Weighted norm inequalities for hardy-littlewood maximal function for some differentiation bases김진영Master's Thesis
1999Numerical experiments on the parameters of lenstra-lenstra-lovasz algorithm전태민Master's Thesis
1999Numerical solutions of poisson equation using PLTMG김윤희Master's Thesis
1999Minimal submanifolds in manifolds김지현Master's Thesis
1999Numerical efficiency tests on interior point methods in LIPSOL (linear programming interior-point SOLvers)오정은Master's Thesis
1999Numerical comparison of Savitzky-Golay filter and Least Square filter하지연Master's Thesis
1999Solving laplace and poisson equation using PETSc최윤지Master's Thesis
1999Maximal tori of p-compact groups and generalized sullivan conjecture이소연Master's Thesis
1999Symplectic structures on four-manifolds안경남Master's Thesis
1998Totally *-paranormal operators남혜원Master's Thesis
1998A Geometric approach for the intersections of cyclides and spheres강희Doctoral Thesis
1998Symplectic surfaces in symplectic 4-manifolds조미성Doctoral Thesis
1997Symplectic Reductions on Symplectic Manifolds이지윤Master's Thesis