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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Studies on Synthesis of (±)-Centrolobine and Dolastatin 10 Analogues최윤실Master's Thesis
2012Controlled release of VEGF from cardiac stem cell-PLLA scaffold construct for myocardial repair이민경Master's Thesis
2012Role of sulfiredoxin as a regulator of peroxiredoxin function and regulation of its expression이서구; 정우진; 배수한Review
2011Molecular modeling studies for the discovery of potent A₃ AR and TRPV1 modulators and in silico prediction of CYP inhibition and BBB permeability이진희Doctoral Thesis
2011Novel ALK5 inhibitor에 의한 유방암 세포의 폐암 전이 억제 작용에서 MMP-9/2 활성에 대한 연구윤은정Master's Thesis
2011Identification and characterization of ADCY3 as a novel gene in human gastric cancer홍승현Master's Thesis
2011Design, Synthesis and Binding Affinity of Novel Adenosine Analogues as Potent Adenosine Receptor LigandsHou, XiyanDoctoral Thesis
2011Role of INO80 chromatin remodeling complex in genome stability and tumorigenesis허신경Doctoral Thesis
2011The functional study of macrophage survival and osteoclast differentiation최한경Doctoral Thesis
2011Identification and characterization of alternatively transcribed form of peroxiredoxin IV gene that is specifically expressed in spermatids of postpubertal mouse testis이서구; Vadim N. GladyshevArticle
2011Proposal of pharmacogenetics-based warfarin dosing algorithm in Korean patients최정란Article
2011An RNA aptamer that specifically binds pancreatic adenocarcinoma up-regulated factor inhibits migration and growth of pancreatic cancer cells이서구Article
2011Multiple functions of peroxiredoxins: Peroxidases, sensors and regulators of the intracellular messenger H 2O 2, and protein chaperones이서구; 우현애Review
2011Antibodies against non-immunizing antigens derived from a large immune scFv library이서구; 심현보Article
2011Concerted action of sulfiredoxin and peroxiredoxin I protects against alcohol-induced oxidative injury in mouse liver이서구; 배수한; 길인섭; 우현애Article
2011Glutathionylation of peroxiredoxin i induces decamer to dimers dissociation with concomitant loss of chaperone activity이서구Article
2011Unraveling the biological roles of reactive oxygen species이서구Review
2011Antofine 유도체의 paclitaxel 내성 극복과 ALK-5 억제제의 사람 전립선암 세포에 대한 전이 억제 효능 연구송호현Master's Thesis
2011TM5275 and TM5441, novel inhibitors of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1, prevent renal injury in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice정보영Master's Thesis
2011Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein over-expression induced hypertension increases atherosclerotic lesion in ApoE knock out male mice조유정Master's Thesis