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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Role of Naa40 in DNA Double-Strand Break Repair조윤정Master's Thesis
2018DNA damage-induced phosphorylation of TAp63α Ser12 conserved with p53 Ser15 mediates TAp63α degradation rather than stabilization홍수정Master's Thesis
2012The role of fractalkine/CX3CR1 in diabetic kidney disease송경희Master's Thesis
2012The effect of LJ-1888 on obstructive nephropathy이지윤Master's Thesis
2013Fas-Associated Factor 1 having multi ubiquitin-like domains plays a role in ER homeostasis as a scaffolding protein송순화Master's Thesis
2018Design of a Two-Vector System based on pcDNA3.3 for the Expression of Human IgG1김민정Master's Thesis
2013The role of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in the regulation of adipocyte function정인지Master's Thesis
2013Ring Size Effect of the Ligand on O₂ Activation in the Chromium-O₂ Complex and Nitric Oxide Dioxygenase Reactivity of a Nonheme Iron(III)-Peroxo Complex한정은Master's Thesis
2013The Development of Fluorescent Chemosensors for CO₂ and Metal Ions최지영Master's Thesis
2013Polydiacetylene-Based Chemosensors for Thermally Reversibility, ATP and Cationic Surfactants이송이Master's Thesis
2013A Light-Sensitive Single Molecule Centered in Rigid (PA)-Flexible (PEG) Block Copolymer정소영Master's Thesis
2013Electron-transfer properties of a nonoheme manganese(IV)-oxo complex acting as a stronger one-electron oxidant than the iron(IV)-oxo analogue윤희정Master's Thesis
2013Synthetic Control of Energy and Electron Transfer in Photoluminescence Sensors for Biological Zinc Ion우하나Master's Thesis
2013Renoprotective mechanism of fenofibrate손민지Master's Thesis
2013Fluorescence Probes for Detection of Reactive Oxygen Species송다영Master's Thesis
2013Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity Studies of Chromium-Oxygen Adducts우재영Master's Thesis
2013The role of catalase in high fat-induced liver injury강혜지Master's Thesis
2013Identification of gut microbiomes required for host development in Drosophila김애리Master's Thesis
2012Asymmetric Synthesis of 6′-Fluoroaristeromycin Analogues as Potential S-Adenosylhomocysteine Hydrolase Inhibitor엄윤진Master's Thesis
2012Pyrene Based Fluorecent Chemosensors정용숙Master's Thesis