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2012Dynamic immune cell accumulation during flow-induced atherogenesis in mouse carotid artery an expanded flow cytometry method조한중Article
2009JNK/FOXO-mediated neuronal expression of fly homologue of peroxiredoxin II reduces oxidative stress and extends life span이원재Article
2012ATM mediates interdependent activation of p53 and ERK through formation of a ternary complex with p-p53 and p-ERK in response to DNA damage김현석Article
2013Development of a single chain antibody using a phage display cloning method for the detection of 2,4-dinitrotoluene심현보Article
2011Cytoplasmic manganese superoxide dismutase from Candida albicans is a highly active antioxidantJoan S. ValentineMeeting Abstract
2009Partial carotid ligation is a model of acutely induced disturbed flow, leading to rapid endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis조한중Article
2003Phosphoinositide 3-kinase activity leads to silica-induced NF-ΚB activation through interacting with tyrosine-phosphorylated IΚB-α and contributing to tyrosine phosphorylation of p65 NF-ΚB허규정; 이지희Article
2005Insulin cannot activate extracellular-signal-related kinase due to inability to generate reactive oxygen species in SK-N-BE(2) human neuroblastoma cells허규정Article
2013The protective role of the transmembrane thioredoxin-related protein TMX in inflammatory liver injuryJunji YodoiArticle
2012Ligand geometry directs O-O bond-formation pathway in ruthenium-based water oxidation catalystAntoni LlobetArticle