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2011Comparison of two yeast mnsods: Mitochondrial saccharomyces cerevisiae versus cytosolic candida albicansJoan S. ValentineArticle
2012Biologically relevant mechanism for catalytic superoxide removal by simple manganese compoundsJoan S. ValentineArticle
2012SOD1 aggregation and ALS: Role of metallation states and disulfide statusJoan S. ValentineReview
2010Award Address (Alfred Bader Award in Bioinorganic or Bioorganic Chemistry Sponsored by Alfred R. Bader Fund). Metal ions and misfolding in SOD1-linked ALSJoan S. ValentineMeeting Abstract
2011Cytoplasmic manganese superoxide dismutase from Candida albicans is a highly active antioxidantJoan S. ValentineMeeting Abstract
2013Structural similarity of wild-type and ALS-mutant superoxide dismutase-1 fibrils using limited proteolysis and atomic force microscopyJoan S. ValentineArticle
2013Tetramerization Reinforces the Dimer Interface of MnSODJoan S. ValentineArticle
2012Six-coordinate manganese(3+) in catalysis by yeast manganese superoxide dismutaseJoan S. ValentineArticle
2010Probing in vivo Mn2+ speciation and oxidative stress resistance in yeast cells with electron-nuclear double resonance spectroscopyJoan S. ValentineArticle
2014Insights into SOD1-linked amyotrophic lateral sclerosis from NMR studies of Ni2+- and other metal-ion-substituted wild-type copper-zinc superoxide dismutases Topical Issue in honor of Ivano Bertini Guest editors: Lucia Banci, Claudio LuchinatJoan S. ValentineArticle