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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010Diversity of innate immune recognition mechanism for bacterial polymeric meso-diaminopimelic acid-type peptidoglycan in insects이원재Article
2010Bioinspired heme, heme/nonheme diiron, heme/copper, and inorganic NOx chemistry: ·NO (g) oxidation, peroxynitrite-metal chemistry, and ·;NO (g) reductive couplingKenneth D. KarlinArticle
2010Spectroscopic and computational studies of an end-on bound superoxo-Cu(II) complex: Geometric and electronic factors that determine the ground stateKenneth D. KarlinArticle
2010Phage display selection of EGFR-specific antibodies by capture-sandwich panning심현보Article
2010Current perspectives on therapeutic antibodies심현보Review
2010Bioinorganic chemistry: Model offers intermediate insightKenneth D. KarlinShort Survey
2010Thioether S-ligation in a side-on μ-η2:η2- peroxodicopper(ii) complexKenneth D. KarlinArticle
2010Reductive coupling of nitrogen monoxide (•NO) facilitated by heme/copper complexesKenneth D. KarlinArticle
2010Innate immunity and gut-microbe mutualism in Drosophila이원재Review
2010Heme-copper-dioxygen complexes: Toward understanding ligand-environmental effects on the coordination geometry, electronic structure, and reactivityKenneth D. KarlinArticle
2010Award Address (Alfred Bader Award in Bioinorganic or Bioorganic Chemistry Sponsored by Alfred R. Bader Fund). Metal ions and misfolding in SOD1-linked ALSJoan S. ValentineMeeting Abstract
2010Using specialized cDNA microarrays to analyze Arabidopsis gene expression under cold stress이동희; 최윤희Article
2009LongSAGE analysis of the early response to cold stress in Arabidopsis leaf이동희Article
2009Proteolytic cascade for the activation of the insect toll pathway induced by the fungal cell wall component이원재Article
2009Regulation of DUOX by the Gαq-Phospholipase Cβ-Ca2+ Pathway in Drosophila Gut Immunity이원재; 강동민Article
2009Construction of a large synthetic human scFv library with six diversified CDRs and high functional diversity심현보Article
2009Coordination of multiple dual oxidase-regulatory pathways in responses to commensal and infectious microbes in drosophila gut이원재; 김재상Article
2009Bacterial-modulated host immunity and stem cell activation for gut homeostasis이원재Review
2009JNK/FOXO-mediated neuronal expression of fly homologue of peroxiredoxin II reduces oxidative stress and extends life span이원재Article
2009Partial carotid ligation is a model of acutely induced disturbed flow, leading to rapid endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis조한중Article