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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Stereoselective Synthesis of Fluoro-homoneplanocin A as a Potential Antiviral Agent이지예Master's Thesis
2012Ketoprofen-LDH Nanohybrid for the Transdermal Drug Delivery System김학Master's Thesis
2012Synthesis of Biologically Active Nucleosides남수경Master's Thesis
2012SIRT2 is a tumor suppressor that connects aging, acetylome, cell cycle signaling, and carcinogenesis김현석Review
2012Cell Therapy for Skin Wound Using Fibroblast Encapsulated Poly(ethylene glycol)-L-Polyalanine Thermogel윤은정Master's Thesis
2012Imidazoloum Derivatives for Adenosine Triphosphate, Guanosine Triphosphate and Hydrogen Sulfate Ion Sensing송나리Master's Thesis
2012Asymmetric Synthesis of 6′-Fluoroaristeromycin Analogues as Potential S-Adenosylhomocysteine Hydrolase Inhibitor엄윤진Master's Thesis
2012Pyrene Based Fluorecent Chemosensors정용숙Master's Thesis
2012Phosphorescence Sensors for Cr(III) and Cu(II) Ion and Study on Manganese(V)-Oxo Corroles in Hydride-Transfer Reactions한예지Master's Thesis
2012Structure, interconversion, and reactivity of peroxo, hydroperoxo, and oxo ligands in a nonheme iron complex전수진Master's Thesis
2012Polydiacetylene-Based Chemosensors for Lead (Ⅱ), Copper (Ⅱ)ion and cationic surfactant이경미Master's Thesis
2012The role of PTEN in the osteoclast differentiation노지연Master's Thesis
2012Maturing EPCs into endothelial cells: May the force be with the EPCs. Focus on "Fluid shear stress induces differentiation of circulating phenotype endothelial progenitor cells"조한중Editorial
2012Proteomic Investigations of Lysine Acetylation Identify Diverse Substrates of Mitochondrial Deacetylase Sirt3김현석Article
2012SIRT3 is a mitochondrial tumor suppressor: A scientific tale that connects aberrant cellular ROS, the Warburg effect, and carcinogenesis김현석Review
2012ATM mediates interdependent activation of p53 and ERK through formation of a ternary complex with p-p53 and p-ERK in response to DNA damage김현석Article
2012Six-coordinate manganese(3+) in catalysis by yeast manganese superoxide dismutaseJoan S. ValentineArticle
2012Deficiency of Thioredoxin binding protein-2 (TBP-2) enhances TGF-β signaling and promotes epithelial to mesenchymal transitionJunji YodoiArticle
2012Experimental and quantum chemical characterization of the water oxidation cycle catalysed by [RuII(damp)(bpy)(H2O)]2+Antoni LlobetArticle
2012Piperlongumine inhibits atherosclerotic plaque formation and vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation by suppressing PDGF receptor signaling조한중Article