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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Emerging role of sirtuins on tumorigenesis: Possible link between aging and cancer김현석Short Survey
2013The role of the vascular dendritic cell network in atherosclerosis조한중Review
2013Anti-inflammatory and antiatherogenic role of bmp receptor ii in endothelial cells조한중Article
2013Thioredoxin-1 Attenuates Early Graft Loss after Intraportal Islet Transplantation in MiceJunji YodoiArticle
2013Thioredoxin-1 protects against neutrophilic inflammation and emphysema progression in a mouse model of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbationJunji YodoiArticle
2013Upregulation of adenylate cyclase 3 (ADCY3) increases the tumorigenic potential of cells by activating the CREB pathway이동희Article
2013Yeast copper-zinc superoxide dismutase can be activated in the absence of its copper chaperoneJoan S. ValentineArticle
2013Human antibodies targeting the C-type lectin-like domain of the tumor endothelial cell marker clec14a regulate angiogenic properties in vitro심현보Article
2013Fas-Associated Factor 1 having multi ubiquitin-like domains plays a role in ER homeostasis as a scaffolding protein송순화Master's Thesis
2012Dynamic immune cell accumulation during flow-induced atherogenesis in mouse carotid artery an expanded flow cytometry method조한중Article
2012Ligand geometry directs O-O bond-formation pathway in ruthenium-based water oxidation catalystAntoni LlobetArticle
2012A molecular ruthenium catalyst with water-oxidation activity comparable to that of photosystem IIAntoni LlobetArticle
2012Bcl-w promotes cell invasion by blocking the invasion-suppressing action of Bax이원재; 강상원Article
2012Biologically relevant mechanism for catalytic superoxide removal by simple manganese compoundsJoan S. ValentineArticle
2012SOD1 aggregation and ALS: Role of metallation states and disulfide statusJoan S. ValentineReview
2012Effects of Lewis and Brønsted Acids on Oxidation Reactions by a Non-heme Iron(IV)-Oxo Complex박지윤Master's Thesis
2012Metal Ion-Responsive Photofunctional Organic Molecules이수민Master's Thesis
2012CO₂Uptake Behavior of Amino Acid Intercalated Layered Double HydroxidesLI, QIULIMaster's Thesis
2012Physicochemical Properties of Mn- and Cr-Corrole Intermediates, and Reversible Conversion between Metal-Oxo and Metal Peroxo Species via O-O Bond Cleavage and Formation박혜진Master's Thesis
2012Fluorescent Materials for OLED and Sensing정지영Master's Thesis