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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2000Development of the 100/150 GHz band dual channel SIS receiver and line survey of CRL2688박종애Doctoral Thesis
2000Nonlinear optical characterizations of chiral molecular systems한송희Doctoral Thesis
1999The Design and construction of pig ion source for H-beam, and the test of magnet and vacuum chamber for the ion source이혜영Master's Thesis
1999Source evolution and relativistic beaming-induced luminosity distribution in the statistics of cosmological gamma-ray bursts김정리Master's Thesis
1999Sm2-xCexCuO4에 대한 라만 분광학 연구최은미Master's Thesis
1999혈관 성형술 후 재협착 방지 치료를 위한 Re-188-DTPA의 선량계산이진Master's Thesis
1999Variations in concentration and isotopic ratio of atmospheric carbon dioxide in northwestern part of Seoul김선희Master's Thesis
1999Exact correlation functions of Gross-Neveu models and applications백은경Master's Thesis
1999층밀림간섭계를 이용한 폴리우레탄 박막의 비선형광학효과 측정최지연Master's Thesis
1999One-loop perturbative confirmation of exact form factors of supersymmetric quantum field theory신호민Master's Thesis
1999펨토초 Z-스캔을 이용한 유기박막의 제3차 비선형광학계수 측정신민주Master's Thesis
1999Low-dimensional black holes and wormholes이현주Doctoral Thesis
1999A study of energy transfer mechanisms in magnetoplumbite structural phosphors전현숙Doctoral Thesis
1998Carbon isotope analyses of individual hydrocarbon molecules in bituminous coal and oil shale : comparison with Murchison meteorite김경숙Master's Thesis
1998셀룰러 오토마타(Cellular Automata)를 이용한 생태확산모형 연구안지연Master's Thesis
1998AB Initio study on the oxygen impurities in silicon김상인Master's Thesis
1998[H₂^(15)O] 양전자 단층촬영을 이용한 심근혈류와 혈류분포의 불균일성 측정안지영Master's Thesis
1998쐐기판 간섭계를 이용한 극화 폴리머의 선형전기광학효과 측정조주희Master's Thesis
1998YBa₂Cu₃O_(7-δ) 낟알간 BaPbO₃의 역할김지연Master's Thesis
1997X-선 조사에 의한 결함이 (TMTSF)₂CIO₄의 기저상태에 미치는 영향 연구박지형Master's Thesis