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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2004Magnetic Boundary Conditions in Conformal Field Theory홍주희Master's Thesis
2004CREAM 실험에서 고에너지 우주입자의 전하량 측정을 위한 실리콘 센서에 관한 연구김미영Master's Thesis
2004Study on the effect of electric and magnetic dipole moment on the electronic transport properties in organic conductors曺涓楨Doctoral Thesis
2004Experimental measurements and Monte Carlo calculations of electron dose distribution for breast cancer patients and evaluation of the ADAC Pinnacle system이수진Master's Thesis
2004Pulse Shape Analysis of Alpha Particles for the 100kg XMASS Proto-type Detector임경은Master's Thesis
2004라만 분광을 통한 NdBa₂Cu₃O_(7-δ) 박막 제작 조건과 물성간 관계 연구배정숙Master's Thesis
2004Aperture Maneuver with Controlled Breath (AMC) for Moving Tumors서예린Master's Thesis
2004Optical Characterization of 1-D Periodically Structured Material黃芝洙Doctoral Thesis
2003Tests of absolute detection efficiencies of HPGe detectors for measurements of radioisotopes in various materials이은경Master's Thesis
2003X-ray studies on active galactic nuclei evolution and Abell 4059 galaxy cluster최윤영Doctoral Thesis
2003Optical characterization of structured organic electro-optic materials장혜정Doctoral Thesis
2003Determination of food colour-appearance by digital camera박영경Master's Thesis
2003Optical characterization of 1-D photonic crystals fabricated by sol-gel process전주희Master's Thesis
2003실리카 광자결정의 제작과 액정 배향막 특성 연구우연경Master's Thesis
2002Side-chain azo-dye polymer에서 surface relief grating의 제작강보영Master's Thesis
2002The study of π-absorption process with 6Li and 12C황정임Master's Thesis
2002동적 F-18-FDG PET을 이용한 정량적 대뇌 포도당대사율 측정을 위한 연구김영애Master's Thesis
2002Te이 첨가된 GaAs0.61P0.39에서의 무질서와 포논-플라즈몬의 상호작용구성진Master's Thesis
2001Cd2Re2O7 단결정의 온도변화에 따른 라만 산란 연구고현경Master's Thesis
2001Development of a single-turn solenoid coil with optimized radio frequency field uniformity for magnetic resonance imaging of the breast김미나Master's Thesis