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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020초기 단계의 제2형 당뇨병 환자에서 해마의 세부 구조 변화이수지Doctoral Thesis
2020피질 두께 데이터를 이용한 심층 신경망 기반 뇌 연령 예측 모형의 개발 및 평가김명주Doctoral Thesis
2020Aging increases vulnerability to stress-induced depression via upregulation of NADPH oxidase in mice한평림Article
2020Brief stress impairs recognition memory through amygdalar activation in animals with medial prefrontal cortex lesions조제원Article
2020Astrocytic Calcium Dynamics Along the Pain Pathway조제원Review
2019Early-Life Stress in D2 Heterozygous Mice Promotes Autistic-like Behaviors through the Downregulation of the BDNF-TrkB Pathway in the Dorsal Striatum한평림Article
2019Experimental Neurobiology: The Past, Present, and Future한평림Article
2019초발 주요우울장애 여성 환자의 피질하 구조물 부피 및 형태 연구김나연Master's Thesis
2019초발 주요우울장애 여성 환자에서의 회백질 부피 감소김승희Master's Thesis
2019불면 증상을 호소하는 성인에서의 뇌 내 대사물질 및 뇌 혈류량의 변화박신원Doctoral Thesis
2019반복적 경두개자기자극에 따른 뇌 내 대사물질 반응이 뇌 혈류량에 미치는 영향남궁은Doctoral Thesis
2019Validation and Assessment of Machine Learning Model for Predicting Total Intracranial Volume from Partial Axial Images of Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging김다미Master's Thesis
2019Extracellular Vesicles Derived from Lactobacillus plantarum Increase BDNF Expression in Cultured Hippocampal Neurons and Produce Antidepressant-like Effects in Mice한평림; 김윤근Article
2019Newly developed reversible MAO-B inhibitor circumvents the shortcomings of irreversible inhibitors in Alzheimer's disease조제원Article
2019The Ventral Midline Thalamus Mediates Hippocampal Spatial Information Processes upon Spatial Cue Changes조제원Article
2019Reciprocal interactions across and within multiple levels of monoamine and cortico-limbic systems in stress-induced depression: A systematic review한평림Review
2019Alterations in structural rich-club connectivity of the precuneus are associated with depressive symptoms among individuals with subjective memory complaints김지은; 류인균; 윤수정; 김정윤; 김건하Article
2019A Computational Modeling Reveals That Strength of Inhibitory Input, E/I Balance, and Distance of Excitatory Input Modulate Thalamocortical Bursting Properties조제원Article
2019Stress-Induced Epigenetic Changes in Hippocampal Mkp-1 Promote Persistent Depressive Behaviors한평림Article
2019Superior Place Learning of C57BL/6 vs. DBA/2 Mice Following Prior Cued Learning in the Water Maze Depends on Prefrontal Cortical Subregions조제원Article