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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1969兒童畵의 心理診斷的 價値朴載明Master's Thesis
1969受難 史話 硏究황규자Master's Thesis
1969J. 플레쳐의 상황윤리연구김봉희Master's Thesis
1969On the properties of the maximum likelihood estimatorRhee, Yoo JiMaster's Thesis
1969A STUDY ON WILDE'S SALOME장성혜Master's Thesis
1969抽象表現主義 考察姜靜子Master's Thesis
1969THE CRITICISIM OF T. S. ELIOT고영자Master's Thesis
1969ON INVERTIBLE SPACES신경자Master's Thesis
1969Naphthalene 誘導體와 Diazo 化合物과의 Coupling 反應에 관한 硏究이도자Master's Thesis
1969Silica Gel Column Chromatography에 依한 五味子의 有機酸의 分離定量이용희Master's Thesis