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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019Effect of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide on the allelopathic potential of common ragweed최정현Article
2019Nitrifying-genes dynamics in the enriched bacterial consortium inoculated with humic soil조경숙Article
2019Characterization of a nitrous oxide-reducing bacterial consortium조경숙Article
2019Contribution of Internal Nutrients Loading on the Water Quality of a Reservoir최정현; 이혜원Article
2020Evaluation of denitrification performance and bacterial community of a sequencing batch reactor under intermittent aeration조경숙Article
2020Fabrication of polycaprolactone nanofibrous membrane-embedded microfluidic device for water filtration이지이Article
2020Oxygenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from ambient particulate matter induce electrophysiological instability in cardiomyocytes이지이Article
2020Applications of metal-organic framework based membranes in water purification: A review손아정Review
2020Development of non-equilibrium rapid replacement aptamer assay for ultra-fast detection of phthalic acid esters손아정Article
2020Liquid-liquid extraction of yttrium from the sulfate leach liquor of waste fluorescent lamp powder: Process parameters and analysis김동수Article
2020Global CO2 emissions from dry inland waters share common drivers across ecosystems박지형Article
2020Sensitivity of Thermoelectric Properties from the EPA Method and Its Variants on Variations in Phonon Frequencies위대현Article; Proceedings Paper
2020Development of ultrasound aided chemical pretreatment methods to enrich saccharification of wheat waste biomass for polyhydroxybutyrate production and its characterization김동수Article
2020Investigation of photocatalytic degradation of reactive textile dyes by Portulaca oleracea-functionalized silver nanocomposites and exploration of their antibacterial and antidiabetic potentials김동수Article
2020Approximation of most penetrating particle size for fibrous filters considering Cunningham slip correction factor이지이Article
2020Hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of yttrium from spent fluorescent lamp: Leaching and crystallization experiments김동수Article
2020Spatial Distribution of Butterflies in Accordance with Climate Change in the Korean Peninsula이상돈; 김민경Article
2020Characterization of sludge reduction and bacterial community dynamics in a pilot-scale multi-stage digester system with prolonged sludge retention time조경숙Article
2020On the volume power density of radial thermoelectric generators위대현Article
2020Emission characteristics of particulate matter, odors, and volatile organic compounds from the grilling of pork조경숙Article