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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014Erosion-induced changes in soil biogeochemical and microbiological properties in Swiss Alpine grasslands박지형Article
2014Adsorption features of heavy metal ions on activated carbon in single and multisolute systems김동수Article
2014Characterization of tobermolite as a bed material for selective growth of methanotrophs in biofiltration조경숙; 김태관Article
2014Using the SWAT model to improve process descriptions and define hydrologic partitioning in South Korea박지형Article
2014Dense Array of Nanoparticles as a Large-Area Nanoelectrode for Sensors: An Oxymoron Mesomaterial?이은희Article
2014Density-dependent enhancement of methane oxidation activity and growth of Methylocystis sp. by a non-methanotrophic bacterium Sphingopyxis sp.조경숙; 김태관Article
2014Comparison of droplet digital PCR and quantitative real-time PCR in mcrA-based methanogen community analysis조경숙; 김태관Article
2014Biological hydrogen production from mixed waste in a polyurethane foam-sequencing batch reactor조경숙; 위대현Article
2014Effect of PVA-encapsulation on hydrogen production and bacterial community structure조경숙; 김태관Article
2014Functional rigidity of a methane biofilter during the temporal microbial succession조경숙; 김태관Article
2014Effects of double cropping on summer climate of the North China Plain and neighbouring regions박선기Article
2014Evaluation of methane oxidation and the production potential of soils in an urban school조경숙; 김태관Article
2014Estimation of carbon capture and storage transport cost in Korea최정현Article
2014Analysis of a sandwich-type generator with self-heating thermoelectric elements위대현Article
2014Effects of water temperature and backwashing on bacterial population and community in a biological activated carbon process at a water treatment plant조경숙; 김태관Article
2014Probabilistic prediction of cyanobacteria abundance in a Korean reservoir using a Bayesian Poisson model박석순Article
2014Achieving maximum power in thermoelectric generation with simple power electronics위대현Article
2014Tobermolite effects on methane removal activity and microbial community of a lab-scale soil biocover조경숙; 김태관; 이은희Article
2014Comparison of droplet digital PCR and quantitative real-time PCR for examining population dynamics of bacteria in soil조경숙; 김태관Article
2014Factors affecting algal blooms in a man-made lake and prediction using an artificial neural network박석순Article