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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018LEEF: Latency and energy efficient federation of disjoint wireless sensor segments이미정; 이숙영Article
2018Energy-efficient global illumination algorithms for mobile devices using dynamic voltage and frequency scaling김영준Article; Proceedings Paper
2018A Road Layout Based Broadcast Mechanism for Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks이미정Article
2017Load and resource aware federation of disjoint sensor network segments이숙영Conference Paper
2017Segment-aware energy-efficient management of heterogeneous memory system for ultra-low-power IoT devices박상수Conference Paper
2018Proximity and Direction-Based Subgroup Familiarity-Analysis Model용환승Conference Paper
2017PUFSec: Device fingerprint-based security architecture for Internet of Things이형준Conference Paper
2017A Secure and Efficient Key Authentication using Bilinear Pairing for NFC Mobile Payment Service채기준Article
2004A group key management scheme using core based tree and height balanced tree이상호; 조태남Article
2006Parallelism-aware request scheduling for MEMS-based storage devices반효경; 이소윤Conference Paper
2001Preparations for semantics-based XML mining이기호; 이정원Conference Paper
2017Platform model composition framework for the development of real-time control systems박상수Article
2017Exploiting write-only-once characteristics of file data in smartphone buffer cache management반효경Article
2018Lightweight authentication for distributed mobile P2P communications채기준; 도인실Conference Paper
2017Adaptive path planning of UAVs for delivering delay-sensitive information to ad-hoc nodes이형준Conference Paper
2017High-Throughput Clonogenic Analysis of 3D-Cultured Patient-Derived Cells with a Micropillar and Microwell Chip김명희Article
2017Vehicle detection from airborne LiDAR point clouds based on a decision tree algorithm with horizontal and vertical features이민수Article
2016A group authentication scheme based on lagrange interpolation polynomial채기준; 도인실Conference Paper
2016Authentication for mobile open IPTV service security채기준; 도인실Conference Paper
2016Real-time intragroup familiarity analysis model using beacon based on proximity용환승Conference Paper