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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019Dynamic group key management for efficient fog computing도인실Conference Paper
2005Application of emerging patterns for multi-source bio-data classification and analysis이상호Conference Paper
2005Simulation-based web service composition: Framework and performance analysis박주영Conference Paper
2006A new address mapping scheme for high parallelism MEMS-based storage devices반효경; 이소윤Conference Paper
2006Efficient classification method for complex biological literature using text and data mining combination박승수Conference Paper
2006Pairwise key setup and authentication utilizing deployment information for secure sensor network채기준; 도인실Conference Paper
2004A bitmap index for multidimensional data cubes김명Article
2006A novel framework for discovering robust cluster results이상호Conference Paper
2006Intelligent method for building security countermeasures김태훈Conference Paper
2018A Multi-Hop Clustering Mechanism for Scalable IoT Networks이미정; 이숙영Article
2018A hierarchical location service architecture for VANET with aggregated location update이미정Article
2018Analysis of Memory Access Latency Considering Page Faults and TLB Misses in NVM Storage반효경Article
2018Volumetric Analysis of 3-D-Cultured Colonies in Wet Alginate Spots Using 384-Pillar Plate김명희Article
2018Encountered-type haptic display for large VR environment using per-plane reachability maps김영준Article; Proceedings Paper
2018Physics-based assistive grasping for robust object manipulation in virtual reality김영준Article; Proceedings Paper
2004Fast continuous collision detection for articulated models김영준Conference Paper
2004A transport layer mobility support mechanism이미정Article
2005Efficient cache management for QoS adaptive multimedia streaming services반효경Conference Paper
2005Web personalization: My own web based on open content platform용환승Conference Paper
2003Secure firewall traversal in Mobile IP network채기준Article