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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019Navcog3 in the wild: Large-scale Blind Indoor Navigation Assistant with Semantic Features오유란Article
2019Automated stitching of microscope images of fluorescence in cells with minimal overlap김명희; 최장환Article
2019Tight Evaluation of Real-Time Task Schedulability for Processor's DVS and Nonvolatile Memory Allocation반효경; 조경운Article
2018Fast 2D Complex Gabor Filter with Kernel Decomposition민동보Article
2018Deep Monocular Depth Estimation via Integration of Global and Local Predictions민동보Article
2018PARN: Pyramidal affine regression networks for dense semantic correspondence민동보Conference Paper
2019Unified confidence estimation networks for robust stereo matching민동보Article
2019FCSS: Fully Convolutional Self-Similarity for Dense Semantic Correspondence민동보Article
2019Modeling the Power Consumption of Function-Level Code Relocation for Low-Power Embedded Systems박상수Article
2019SEFL: Selective Ensemble Fuzzy Learner for Cognitive Detection of Bio-Modality Spoofing in MCPS채기준; 도인실Conference Paper
2019Real-time temperature monitoring for the early detection of mastitis in dairy cattle: Methods and case researches최병주Article
2019Dynamic Local Vehicular Flow Optimization Using Real-Time Traffic Conditions at Multiple Road Intersections이미정; 이숙영Article
2019On-Device AI-Based Cognitive Detection of Bio-Modality Spoofing in Medical Cyber Physical System채기준; 도인실Article
2018Comparison of Hybrid and Hierarchical Swap Architectures in Android by using NVM반효경Article
1997Texture segmentation using competitive learning algorithm with pyramid approach조동섭Conference Paper
2018DroneNetX: Network Reconstruction Through Connectivity Probing and Relay Deployment by Multiple UAVs in Ad Hoc Networks이형준Article
2001Personalized cache management considering spatial properties of data for mobile computing용환승Conference Paper
2001An auto-generating tool for the MPEG-2 formatted test data: ATEP최병주Conference Paper
2003Adaptive load distribution over multipath in MPLS networks이미정Conference Paper
2006Security analysis and improvement for key issuing schemes in ID-based cryptography이상호Conference Paper