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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Predicting Project's Uncertainty Risk in the Bidding Process by Integrating Unstructured Text Data and Structured Numerical Data Using Text Mining이준성Article
2017What drives construction workers’ acceptance of wearable technologies in the workplace?: Indoor localization and wearable health devices for occupational safety and health황성주Article
2017The case study of masticatory force with food from full skull and partial model김희선; 박재용Article
2017Wristband-type wearable health devices to measure construction workers' physical demands황성주Article
2017Investigation on thermal and mechanical characteristics of concrete mixed with shape stabilized phase change material for mix design김희선Article
2017Establishment of Growth Strategies for International Construction Firms by Exploring Diversification-Related Determinants and Their Effects이준성; 손정욱Article
2016BIM-integrated construction operation simulation for just-in-time production management이준성; 손정욱Article
2016Condensation Resistance Evaluation of a Double-sliding Window System for Apartment Buildings송승영; 임재한Conference Paper
2016Thermal Insulation Performance of Metal-exterior Curtain Wall Panel Systems with Thermal Bridges in Winter송승영; 임재한Conference Paper
2016Development of FEA procedures for mechanical behaviors of maxilla, teeth and mandible김희선; 박재용Article
2012Statistical analysis on the prediction of linear thermal transmittances for thermal bridges in residential buildings in South Korea송승영; 구보경Conference Paper
2012Annual energy performance evaluation of thermal labyrinth ventilation system (TLVS) using measured data송승영Conference Paper
2015Passive design techniques applied to green buildings as an aesthetic and spatial design concept임재한Article
2015Experimental and analytical investigations for behaviors of RC beams strengthened with tapered CFRPs김희선Article
2015Embeddedness and collaborative venture networks among Korean construction firms for overseas construction projects손정욱Article
2013Experimental and numerical studies for EFECT of taper layered CFRPs on strenthening RC beams김희선Conference Paper
2014Cyclic testing of exterior beam-column joints with varying joint aspect ratio신영수Article
2014A study of cooling and heating energy reduction effects for applying of blind-integrated window system in buildings송승영Conference Paper
2014Design of the envelope system to implement the zero-energy on high rise Multi-Unit Dwelling in Korea송승영Conference Paper
2009Experimental study on the heat transfer coefficient in air convection of young concrete이윤Chapter