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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Advanced Building Materials for Passive House and Energy Storage임재한Editorial Material
2017Empirical Validation of Heat Transfer Performance Simulation of Graphite/PCM Concrete Materials for Thermally Activated Building System송승영; 임재한Article
2017Influence of Drainage Holes on Condensation Risk and Air-tightness of Windows An Experimental Case Study of Triple Glazing PVC Windows송승영; 임재한Article
2007Subacute toxicity evaluation in rats exposed to concrete and hwangto building environments송승영Article
2007Evaluation of inside surface condensation in double glazing window system with insulation spacer: A case study of residential complex송승영Article
2007Characteristics of pressure distribution and solution to the problems caused by stack effect in high-rise residential buildings송승영Article
2017Activity-based life cycle analysis of a curtain wall supply for reducing its environmental impact이준성Article
2016BIM-integrated construction operation simulation for just-in-time production management이준성; 손정욱Article
2008Long-term behaviour of a reinforced concrete wall under compressive stress applied to part of the wall's entire width이윤Article
2009Simulation of the thermal stress in mass concrete using a thermal stress measuring device이윤Article
2009Effect of carbonation on the rebound number and compressive strength of concrete이윤Article
2016Effect of Wall Thickness on Thermal Behaviors of RC Walls Under Fire Conditions신영수; 김희선Article
2009Numerical analysis of the early age behavior of concrete structures with a hydration based microplane model이윤Article
2009Experimental study on the convective heat transfer coefficient of early-age concrete이윤Article
2016Condensation Resistance Evaluation of a Double-sliding Window System for Apartment Buildings송승영; 임재한Conference Paper
2016Thermal Insulation Performance of Metal-exterior Curtain Wall Panel Systems with Thermal Bridges in Winter송승영; 임재한Conference Paper
2016Development of FEA procedures for mechanical behaviors of maxilla, teeth and mandible김희선; 박재용Article
2016Evaluation of alternatives for reducing thermal bridges in metal panel curtain wall systems송승영; 임재한Article
2012Statistical analysis on the prediction of linear thermal transmittances for thermal bridges in residential buildings in South Korea송승영; 구보경Conference Paper
2012Annual energy performance evaluation of thermal labyrinth ventilation system (TLVS) using measured data송승영Conference Paper