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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018A supervised learning-based construction workers' stress recognition using a wearable electroencephalography (EEG) device황성주Conference Paper
2018Accelerating Storage Performance with NVRAM by Considering Application's I/O Characteristics반효경Conference Paper
2018Investigation on performance and energy efficiency of CNN-based object detection on embedded device이민수Conference Paper
2018Energy effective data migration methodology with memory access awareness for IoT devices박상수Conference Paper
2018Functional bloom filter, better than hash tables임혜숙Conference Paper
2018Systematic network coding based reliable real-time multimedia streaming system박형곤Conference Paper
2018Physics-based assistive grasping for robust object manipulation in virtual reality김영준Conference Paper
2018Aerosol as a potential factor to control the increasing torrential rain events in urban areas over the last decades최용상Article
2018Real-time tumor motion tracking in 3D using planning 4D CT images during image-guided radiation therapy최장환Article
2018Mass transfer performance of a string film reactor: A bioreactor design for aerobic methane bioconversion박시재Article
2018A review on emission and mitigation of N2O in biological wastewater treatment조경숙Review
2018Dynamic Deep Octree for High-resolution Volumetric Painting in Virtual Reality김영준Article
2018Development of quantum dot aptasensor and its portable analyzer for the detection of di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate유영민; 손아정Article
2018EEG Signal-Processing Framework to Obtain High-Quality Brain Waves from an Off-the-Shelf Wearable EEG Device황성주Article
2018Degree of satisfaction-difference (DOSD) method for measuring consumer acceptance: Comparative and absolute measures of satisfaction based on signal detection theory이혜성Article
2018Disposable MEMS optrode array integrated with single LED for neurostimulation전상범; 지창현Article
2018Whole-brain arteriography and venography: Using improved velocity-selective saturation pulse trains신태훈Article
2018Removal of anionic dyes (Reactive Black 5 and Congo Red) from aqueous solutions using Banana Peel Powder as an adsorbent김동수Article
2018Regiospecific Conversion of Lipids and Fatty Acids through Enzymatic Cascade Reactions박진병Book Chapter
2018Bioformation of volatile and nonvolatile metabolites by saccharomycopsis fibuligera kjj81 cultivated under different conditions—carbon sources and cultivation times김영석; 이상미Article