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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017The effect of longevity risks on the performance of stock market최형석Article
2017Taming polysemous signals: The role of marketing intensity on the relationship between financial leverage and firm performance김상준Article
2017How do value creation capabilities enhance new product creativity?배재현Article
2017Analysis on the effect of express checkouts in retail stores곽진경Article
2017Flow experience in AR application: Perceived reality and perceived naturalness채상미Conference Paper
2017The effect of affiliate loan guarantees on cost of debt: Evidence from Korea우용상Article
2017Mutual benefits for buying and supplying firms: The role of technology routinisation배재현Article
2017Does insurance hedge macro volatility? Global evidence최문섭Article
2018Do foreign investors mitigate anchoring bias in stock market? Evidence based on post-earnings announcement drift박소라Article
2018Swapping inventory between competing firms박승재Article
2018Self-attribution of overconfident CEOs and asymmetric investment-cash flow sensitivity최문섭Article
2018Do corporate governance and culture matter in cross-border acquisitions? Some Chinese evidence변진호; 최문섭Article
2018The effect of investor sentiment on the means of earnings management박소라Article
2018The Effects of Institution-Based Trust on Community Commitments: A Regulatory Focus Perspective채상미Article
2018Do firms park capital? Evidence from the U.S. Manufacturing sector최문섭Article
2018Financial Knowledge and Household Saving: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances여윤경Article
2018Forming a Social Partnership between a Small Social Enterprise and a Large Corporation: A Case of the Joint Platform, H-JUMP김상준Article
2018Genetic Algorithm-Optimized Long Short-Term Memory Network for Stock Market Prediction신경식Article
2019Hierarchical convolutional neural networks for fashion image classification신경식Article
2005PPSS: CBR system for ERP project pre-planning신경식Conference Paper