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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2011Intracellular drug delivery of layered double hydroxide nanoparticles최진호Conference Paper
2004Intracellular glutathione status regulates mouse bone marrow monocyte-derived macrophage differentiation and phagocytic activity이수영Article
2007Intracellular K+ inhibits apoptosis by suppressing the Apaf-1 apoptosome formation and subsequent downstream pathways but not cytochrome c release허규정Article
2002Intracellular K+ inhibits apoptosis by suppressing the formation of the Apaf-1 apoptosome and downstream pathways김자은Master's Thesis
2005Intracellular messenger function of hydrogen peroxide and its regulation by peroxiredoxins이서구; 강상원; 정우진; 창동신; 우현애Review
2015Intracellular Modulation of Excited-State Dynamics in a Chromophore Dyad: Differential Enhancement of Photocytotoxicity Targeting Cancer Cells윤주영Article
2008Intracellular Na+ modulates large conductance Ca 2+-activated K+ currents in human umbilical vein endothelial cells서석효; 최신규; 박성희Article
2004Intracellular pH-dependent peroxynitrite-evoked synergistic death of glucose-deprived astrocytes김원기; 김희선Article
2012Intracellular protein delivery by hollow mesoporous silica capsules with a large surface hole김성진Article
2017Intracellular Remodeling and Accumulation of Aberrant Lysosomes in Differentiation of Tonsil-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Parathyroid-Like Cells김한수Article
2012Intracellular trafficking pathway of layered double hydroxide nanoparticles in human cells: Size-dependent cellular delivery최진호Article
2018Intracellular transformation rates of fatty acids are influenced by expression of the fatty acid transporter FadL in Escherichia coli cell membrane박진병; 송지원Article
2012Intracellular Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein (TCTP) Level Determines the Ouabain-Induced Cell Death of Tumor Cell정지원Master's Thesis
2013Intracellular uptake mechanism of TCTP-PTD and its application to anti-cancer therapy김효영Doctoral Thesis
2002Intracellular-, extracellular- and transmembrane regions involved in oligomerization and functional changes of muscarinic receptors강윤경Master's Thesis
2006Intracerebral hemorrhage-induced brain injury is aggravated in senescence-accelerated prone mice김원기; 최병옥Article
1995Intracoronary stents for management of coronary dissection after balloon angioplasty박시훈Article
2013Intracranial EEG surface renderings: New insights into normal and abnormal brain function이향운Article
2014Intracranial hemorrhage during laparoscopic cholecystectomy due to unrecognized moyamoya disease이귀용; 김치효; 정락경; 한종인Article in Press
2006Intracrystalline structure and physicochemical properties of mixed SiO 2-TiO2 sol-pillared aluminosilicate최진호; 황성주; 양재훈Article