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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Cholic Acid Attenuates ER Stress-Induced Cell Death in Coxsackievirus-B3 Infection남상집Article
2018One-pot three component synthesis of 5-allyl-1,2,3-triazoles using copper(I) acetylides류재상Article
2018Functional characterization of O-methyltransferases used to catalyse site-specific methylation in the post-tailoring steps of pradimicin biosynthesis윤주영Article
2018Submicromolar bisphenol A induces proliferation and DNA damage in human hepatocyte cell lines in vitro and in juvenile rats in vivo이윤실; 임경민; 김민정Article
2018Recent Advances in the Development of Chromophore-Based Chemosensors for Nerve Agents and Phosgene윤주영Review
2018Expanding indications of robotic thyroidectomy백세현Article in Press
2018Recent progress in the development of organic dye based near-infrared fluorescence probes for metal ions윤주영Review
2018Recent progress on fluorescent probes Preface윤주영Editorial Material
2018A Stable and Convergent Hodge Decomposition Method for Fluid–Solid Interaction민조홍Article in Press
2018Semicircular Canal Occlusion by CO2 LASER in a Mouse Model김현지Doctoral Thesis
2018Fluvirucin B6, a new macrolactam isolated from a marine-derived actinomycete of the genus Nocardiopsis임경민; 남상집Article in Press
2018A Model for Adaptive Decision Making of “Ablate-and-Wait” Versus Transplantation in Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma김희영Article in Press
2018Conjunctival Flap with Biodegradable Collagen Matrix Implantation for the Treatment of Scleromalacia after Periocular Surgery한경은Article in Press
2018Editor’s Note김은실Editorial
2018미술품 경매를 활용한 미술 비평 수업이 고등학교 2학년의 비판적 사고 성향에 미치는 영향고해정Master's Thesis
2018사물인터넷 기반의 스마트 폰 애플리케이션을 이용한 격조사 중재가 학령전기 단순언어장애 아동의 격조사 표현 및 발화길이에 미치는 영향장경은Master's Thesis
2018앤더슨의 교육적 미술비평을 적용한 미술 감상수업이 비판적 사고 성향에 미치는 영향김민정Master's Thesis
2018학령전기 말더듬 아동 부모의 말더듬에 대한 고정관념, 양육스트레스와 양육태도 비교국수연Master's Thesis
2018LT협동학습 모형을 적용한 미술수업이 창의적 표현력에 미치는 영향방현지Master's Thesis
2018미술관 감상 수업이 초등학교 4학년의 감상 능력에 미치는 영향서은정Master's Thesis