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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013A family of non-stationary subdivision schemes reproducing exponential polynomials윤정호; 이연주Article
2017A family of non-uniform subdivision schemes with variable parameters for curve design윤정호; 정병선Article
2014A framework for moving least squares method with total variation minimizing regularization윤정호; 이연주Article
2006A new class of non-stationary interpolatory subdivision schemes based on exponential polynomials윤정호; 김영준Conference Paper
2020A new family of non-stationary hermite subdivision schemes reproducing exponential polynomials윤정호; 정병선Article
2012A New Iterative Non-Local Means for Image Denoising최보수Master's Thesis
2014A New Method for the Analysis of Univariate Nonuniform Subdivision Schemes윤정호Article in Press
2003A non-stationary approximation scheme on scattered centers in ℝd by radial basis functions윤정호Article
2021A non-uniform corner-cutting subdivision scheme with an improved accuracy윤정호; 정병선Article
2018A Sixth-Order Weighted Essentially Non-oscillatory Schemes Based on Exponential Polynomials for Hamilton–Jacobi Equations윤정호Article
2015A study on multivariate interpolation by increasingly flat kernel functions윤정호Article
2021A training method for low rank convolutional neural networks based on alternating tensor compose-decompose method윤정호; 정병선Article
2014Adaptive total variation minimization-based image enhancement from flash and no-flash pairs윤정호; 이연주Article
2013An improved weighted essentially non-oscillatory scheme with a new smoothness indicator윤정호; 이연주Article
2019An Improved Weighted Nuclear Norm Minimization Method for Image Denoising윤정호; 정병선Article
2011Analysis of compactly supported nonstationary biorthogonal wavelet systems based on exponential B-splines윤정호Article
2019Analysis of non-stationary Hermite subdivision schemes reproducing exponential polynomials윤정호; 정병선Article; Proceedings Paper
2010Analysis of stationary subdivision schemes for curve design based on radial basis function interpolation윤정호Article
2007Analysis of univariate nonstationary subdivision schemes with application to gaussian-based interpolatory schemes윤정호Article
2019Analysis on the Annihilating Property of Filters in the Denoising Auto-Encoder송하영Master's Thesis
2016Approximation order and approximate sum rules in subdivision윤정호Article
2016Ashort note on the error estimates of Yuan-Shu discontinuous Galerkin method based on non-polynomial approximation spaces윤정호Article
2012Band-limited scaling functions with oversampling property윤정호Article
2021Blind Image Deblurring via Low Rank Minimization and Outlier Dependent Function정원경Master's Thesis
2015Construction of a New Denoising Scheme Based on the MLS-TV Model하정민Master's Thesis
2017Construction of a New Edge Detection Method based on Least-squares constraints정지윤Master's Thesis
2013Construction of a Non-linear Quasi-interpolation Based on the Cubic B-splines양효선Master's Thesis
2007Construction of adapted subdivision schemes for bounded intervals based on radial basis function interpolation윤정호Article
2020Construction of an Improved Edge Detection Method based on the Modifed Moving Least Square Approximation최보윤Master's Thesis
2020Construction of an Improved Third-Order WENO Scheme with a New Smoothness Indicator윤정호Article