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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1993(2 + 1)-dimensional Schwarzschild-de Sitter wormhole김성구; 양종만; 김성원; 이현주Article
2005A compact Cosmic Ray demonstrator for physics outreach programs양종만Article
2009A new LIDAR method using MEMS micromirror array for the JEM-EUSO mission양종만; 박일흥; 남신우; 박재형; 남지우Conference Paper
2006A power distribution system for the AMS experiment on the international space station양종만Article
2008A spectral line survey of CRL 2688 in the RANGE of 85-116 GHz양종만Article
2005A study of cosmic ray secondaries induced by the Mir space station using AMS-01양종만Article
2009Activities of the Korean Space Science Society양종만Conference Paper
2011Air shower events of high-energy cosmic rays measured at Seoul, South Korea양종만; 남신우Conference Paper
2013An evaluation of the exposure in nadir observation of the JEM-EUSO mission양종만; 박일흥; 남신우Article
1998An upper limit on mass density of quark nuggets from the microlensing event statistics양종만Article
2012Anisotropic pressure in dense neutron matter under the presence of a strong magnetic field양종만Article
2013Anisotropic pressure in strange quark matter in the presence of a strong magnetic field양종만Article
2004Antiferromagnetic spin phase transition in nuclear matter with effective Gogny interaction양종만Article
2006Antiferromagnetism of nuclear matter in the model with effective Gogny interaction양종만Article
2016Antiproton Flux, Antiproton-to-Proton Flux Ratio, and Properties of Elementary Particle Fluxes in Primary Cosmic Rays Measured with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station양종만Article
2008Approaching the Knee with Direct Measurements양종만; 박일흥; 남신우Article
2009Approaching the spectral knee in high energy cosmic rays with cream양종만; 박일흥; 남신우Conference Paper
2007Beam test of a dual layer silicon charge detector (SCD) for the CREAM experiment양종만; 박일흥; 남신우; 박재형Article
1989Black hole radiation in the Vaidya metric김성구; 양종만; 김성원Article
1990Black-hole thermodynamics for the nonstationary case김성구; 양종만; 김성원Article
1990C-H system에서 평형 상태 구성 성분과 조성에 관한 연구김순애Master's Thesis
2007Calibration of the CREAM-I calorimeter양종만; 박일흥; 남신우Conference Paper
2009Calibration of the CREAM-III calorimeter with beam test data양종만; 박일흥; 남신우Conference Paper
2005CERN beam test of silicon-tungsten calorimeter test module양종만; 박일흥; 남신우Conference Paper
2007Charge identification in the CREAM experiment양종만; 박일흥; 남신우Conference Paper
2010Construction and commissioning of the CALICE analog hadron calorimeter prototype양종만; 박일흥; 남신우Article
2013Correlations of the arrival directions of ultra-high energy cosmic rays with extragalactic objects as observed by the telescope array experiment양종만; 남신우Article
2007Cosmic ray energetics and mass (CREAM) overview양종만; 박일흥; 남신우Conference Paper
2017Cosmic ray oriented performance studies for the JEM-EUSO first level trigger양종만Article
2004Cosmic-ray energetics and mass (CREAM) balloon project양종만; 박일흥Article