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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010A novel mTOR activating protein protects dopamine neurons against oxidative stress by repressing autophagy related cell death김상태; 손형진Article
2018A Novel Non-Apoptotic Role of Procaspase-3 in the Regulation of Mitochondrial Biogenesis Activators손형진Article
2014A preliminary X-ray study of murine Tnfaip8/Oxi-α전길자; 손형진; 신동해Article
2013Activation of autophagy pathway suppresses the expression of iNOS, IL6 and cell death of LPS-stimulated microglia cells한평림; 손형진Article
2011Characterization of autophagic cell death mechanism in two different dopaminergic neuronal models강영희Master's Thesis
2017Characterization of Oxi-α/Tnfaip8 as a novel autophagy marker장예원Master's Thesis
2014Choline dehydrogenase interacts with SQSTM1/p62 to recruit LC3 and stimulate mitophagy손형진Article
2011DJ-1 mediates paraquat-induced dopaminergic neuronal cell death손형진Article
2011Functional Characterization of a Novel Gene Oxi-γ in Dopaminergic Cell Death김서은Master's Thesis
2009Functional Characterization Oxi-β protein In Oxidative Stress-induced Dopamine Neuronal Cell Death김신희Master's Thesis
2017Functional Recovery from Mitochondrial Dysfunction in PINK1-null Dopamine Neuron Model양솔지Master's Thesis
2010Genetic profiling in human adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cells from the idiopathic and familial parkin-deficient patients of parkinson's disease in comparison with non-PD patients손형진Article
2013Ginsenoside Re Can Rescue Mitochondrial Complex IV Deficit Of PINK1 Null Dopaminergic Neurons By Activation of Nitric Oxide Signaling송지현Master's Thesis
2014Hybrid scaffold composed of hydrogel/3D-framework and its application as a dopamine delivery system손형진Article
2017Isocitrate protects DJ-1 null dopaminergic cells from oxidative stress through NADP+-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH)손형진Article
2014Molecular mechanisms for the two opposing autophagy regulators Oxi-α and Oxi-β in dopaminergic neurons하지영Doctoral Thesis
2012Neuronal autophagy and neurodegenerative diseases손형진Review
2015Nitric Oxide Induction of Parkin Translocation in PTEN-induced Putative Kinase 1 (PINK1) Deficiency FUNCTIONAL ROLE OF NEURONAL NITRIC OXIDE SYNTHASE DURING MITOPHAGY한평림; 손형진; 김현석Article
2013Novel Role of PINK1 in Mitochondrial Function김경희Doctoral Thesis
2010Oriental medicine Jangwonhwan reduces Aβ(1-42) level and β-amyloid deposition in the brain of Tg-APPswe/PS1dE9 mouse model of Alzheimer disease한평림; 손형진Article
2010Partial Reversal of Mitochondrial Deficit Found in DJ-1 K.O. and PINK1 K.O. Mutant Dopaminergic Neuronal Cell Models윤승희Master's Thesis
2013Pathophenotypes of DJ-1 Protein-Deficient Dopaminergic Neurons심정희Doctoral Thesis
2015Pharmacological Rescue of Defective Mitophagy in PINK1 Deficiency한지영Doctoral Thesis
2010PINK1 gene knockdown leads to increased binding of parkin with actin filament손형진Article
2010Primary Culture of Central Neurocytoma: A Case Report손형진Article
2015Rescue of Defective Mitophagy Caused by PINK1 Deficiency by Nitric Oxide and cGMP강민지Master's Thesis
2012Rescue of PINK1 protein null-specific mitochondrial complex IV deficits by ginsenoside Re activation of nitric oxide signaling손형진Article
2014Simultaneous activation of mitophagy and autophagy by staurosporine protects against dopaminergic neuronal cell death손형진Article
2011The antioxidant Trolox helps recovery from the familial Parkinson's disease-specific mitochondrial deficits caused by PINK1- and DJ-1-deficiency in dopaminergic neuronal cells손형진; 현동훈Article