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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2004p202 : a novel regulator ofosteoclast differentiation윤혜경Master's Thesis
2012p202 negatively regulates RANKL-mediated osteoclast differentiation정현주Master's Thesis
2010PDE4 inhibitor upregulates PTH-induced osteoclast formation via CRE-mediated COX-2 expression in osteoblasts이수영Article
2007Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor regulates the TRANCE/OPG ratio via COX-2 expression in a manner similar to PTH in osteoblasts이수영Article
2005Phosphodiesterase inhibitors stimulate osteoclast formation via TRANCE/RANKL expression in osteoblasts: Possible involvement of ERK and p38 MAPK pathways이수영Article
2004PIAS3 suppresses NF-κB-mediated transcription by interacting with the p65/RelA subunit이수영; 김재상Article
2014PKC beta Positively Regulates RANKL-Induced Osteoclastogenesis by Inactivating GSK-3 beta이수영Article
2012PKCβ/GSK-3β/NFATc1 axis in RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis신지혜Doctoral Thesis
2007Protein inhibitor of activated STAT 3 modulates osteoclastogenesis by down-regulation of NFATc1 and osteoclast-associated receptor이수영Article
2000Proteolytic activity of cysteine protease in excretory-secretory product of Paragonimus westermani newly excysted metacercariae pivotally regulates IL-8 production of human eosinophils이수영Article
2013PTEN regulation by the Akt/GSK-3β axis during RANKL signaling이수영Article
2006Rac1 GTPase regulates osteoclast differentiation through TRANCE-induced NF-κB activation이수영Article
2001Rac1 regulates heat shock responses by reorganization of vimentin filaments: Identification using MALDI-TOF MS이공주; 이수영; 김희정Article
2019RACK1 interaction with c-Src is essential for osteoclast function이수영; 이대기; 박진희Article
2008RANKL-induced schlafen2 is a positive regulator of osteoclastogenesis이수영Article
2011Reactive oxygen species regulate M-CSF-induced monocyte/macrophage proliferation through SHP1 oxidation전길자; 이수영Article
2017Reciprocal regulation of TLR2-mediated IFN-β production by SHP2 and Gsk3β이수영Article
2012Regulation of bone remodeling by glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta in a transgenic mouse model이수영Meeting Abstract
2006Regulation of osteoclast differentiation by the redox-dependent modulation of nuclear import of transcription factors이수영Article
2002Regulation of TNF-α-mediated hyperplasia through TNF receptors, TRAFs, and NF-κB in synoviocytes obtained from patients with rheumatoid arthritis이수영Article
2010Regulatory roles of GSK3β in osteoclastogenesis and TLR signaling고려진Master's Thesis
2004Retinal haemorrhage in vivax malaria최희정; 양현종; 이수영Review
2001Samuel Barber의 Nocturne, op.33과 Ballade, op.46에 관한 연구이수영Master's Thesis
2017Saturated fatty acid determination method using paired ion electrospray ionization mass spectrometry coupled with capillary electrophoresis이수영; 이진규; 나윤철Article
2013Selective induction of P2Y14 receptor by RANKL promotes osteoclast formation이수영Article
2009Selective inhibition of RANK blocks osteoclast maturation and function and prevents bone loss in mice이수영; 이화정; 김현수Article
2006Selenite-induced apoptosis of osteoclasts mediated by the mitochondrial pathway이수영Article
2016Sirt6 cooperates with Blimp1 to positively regulate osteoclast differentiation이수영; 오구택; 김현석; 허정은Article
2016Sirtuin 3 (SIRT3) maintains bone homeostasis by regulating AMPK-PGC-1β axis in mice이수영; 김현석; 허정은Article
2014STAC2 is a novel negative regulator of osteoclastogenesis김태언Master's Thesis