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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Elevated thyroid stimulating hormone levels are associated with metabolic syndrome in euthyroid young women성연아; 오지영; 이혜진Article
2014FTO gene variants are associated with PCOS susceptibility and hyperandrogenemia in young Korean women성연아; 홍영선; 오지영; 이혜진Article
2015Genome-wide association study identified new susceptibility loci for polycystic ovary syndrome김형래; 성연아; 정혜원; 오지영; 이혜진Article
2013How to approach and follow adrenal incidentaloma?오지영Editorial
2014Hyperandrogenemia is implicated in both the metabolic and reproductive morbidities of polycystic ovary syndrome성연아; 정혜원; 오지영; 이혜진Article
2010Hyperinsuluinemia Was Associated with the Severity of Hirsutism in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.성연아; 정혜원; 홍영선; 오지영; 정경아; 이혜진; 심은진Meeting Abstract
2015Increased epicardial adipose tissue thickness in type 2 diabetes mellitus and Obesity성연아; 홍영선; 김유경; 오지영; 이혜진Article
2010Insulin resistance is associated with oligomenorrhea in premenopausal women성연아; 홍영선; 오지영Meeting Abstract
2013Is insulin resistance an intrinsic defect in Asian polycystic ovary syndrome?성연아; 정혜원; 오지영; 이혜진Article
2011Long menstrual cycle is associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Korean women성연아; 홍영선; 오지영; 이혜진Article
2009Long Menstrual Cycle Length is Associated with Type 2 Diabetes in Women심은진Master's Thesis
2002Nonlinear analysis of EEG in various mental states of normal persons최경규; 오지영Article
2013Optimal hemoglobin A1C Cutoff Value for Diagnosing type 2 diabetes mellitus in Korean adults성연아; 오지영; 이혜진Article
2010Optimal waist circumference for prediction of metabolic syndrome in Young Korean women with polycystic ovary syndrome성연아; 정혜원; 박혜숙; 오지영; 이혜진Article
2015Pathway analysis based on a genome-wide association study of polycystic ovary syndrome김형래; 성연아; 오지영; 이혜진; 김한나; 심은진Article
2007Phenotypic characteristics according to insulin sensitivity in non-obese Korean women with polycystic ovary syndrome성연아; 홍영선; 오지영; 이혜진Article
2014Plasma glucose regulation and mortality in Korea: A pooled analysis of three community-based cohort studies오지영Article
2011Predictive clinical parameters for the therapeutic efficacy of sitagliptin in Korean type 2 diabetes mellitus (Diabetes Metab J 2011;35:159-65)오지영Letter
2004Prevalence and factor analysis of metabolic syndrome in an urban Korean population성연아; 홍영선; 오지영Article
2012Regional adiposity, adipokines, and insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes오지영Editorial
2011Relationships of birthweight and postnatal growth with metabolic risk factors in junior school children in Korea하은희; 장남수; 서정완; 이선화; 박혜숙; 홍영선; 오지영; 박보현; 이혜아; 공경애Article
2009Serum C-reactive protein levels in normal-weight polycystic ovary syndrome성연아; 정혜원; 오지영; 이혜진Article
2011Sleep disorder and cardiovascular risk factors among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus성연아; 오지영; 이혜진Article
2008Sleep disturbance is associated with cardiovascular risk factors in Type 2 diabetes성연아; 홍영선; 오지영; 이혜진Meeting Abstract
2004Spasmodic dysphonia induced by valproic acid최경규; 정성민; 박기덕; 오지영Article
2008The cutoff value of waist circumference to predict metabolic syndrome in young Korean women with polycystic ovary syndrome오지영Master's Thesis
2007The diagnosis of diabetes mellitus in Korea: A pooled analysis of four community-based cohort studies [1]오지영Letter
1995The epidemiologic and clinical study of pulmonary tuberculosis - Among students at one women's university for recent 10 years민홍기; 홍영선; 최희정; 오지영Article
2013The lipid accumulation product as a useful index for identifying abnormal glucose regulation in young Korean women.성연아; 오지영; 이혜진Article