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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2003High cell-efficiency synchronous MRAM adopting unified bit-line cache신형순Article
2019Implementation of multi-layer neural network system for neuromorphic hardware architecture신형순; 선우경; 이정원Conference Paper
2009Improved explicit current-voltage model for long-channel undoped surrounding-gate metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor신형순Article
2010Independent-Gate-Mode Double-Gate MOSFET를 이용한 RF Receiver 설계정나래Master's Thesis
2000Influence of trench-oxide depth on junction-size dependence of α-particle-induced charge collection신형순Article
2002Investigation of noise characteristics of pn diodes by using a device simulator신형순Conference Paper
2015Investigation of power dissipation for ReRAM in crossbar array architecture신형순Conference Paper
2001Low-frequency noise degradation caused by STI interface effects in SOI-MOSFETs신형순Article
2002Macro model and sense amplifier for a MRAM신형순Conference Paper
2007Magneto-logic device based on a single-layer magnetic tunnel junction신형순; 이승준Article
2012Mechanical Stress에 의한 N-channel MOS의 Mobility Enhancement에 관한 연구박승혜Master's Thesis
2019Memristor Neural Network Training with Clock Synchronous Neuromorphic System신형순; 박준희; 선우경Article
1999Modeling of alpha-particle-induced soft error rate in DRAM신형순Article
2002New method to extract the lateral profile of hot-carrier-induced nits by using the charge pumping method신형순Conference Paper
2018New modeling method for the dielectric relaxation of a DRAM cell capacitor신형순; 선우경Article; Proceedings Paper
2019Optimization of 2D Crossbar Architecture for Synaptic-Memristor-Based Neuromorphic System김보경Master's Thesis
2014Optimization of uniaxial stress for high electron mobility on biaxially-strained n-MOSFETs신형순Article
2012Physics-based SPICE model of spin-torque oscillators신형순; 이승준Article
2012Physics-based SPICE Model of Spin-Torque Oscillators임혜인Master's Thesis
2002Quantum effects in CMOS devices신형순Conference Paper
2018Read margin analysis of crossbar arrays using the cell-variability-aware simulation method신형순; 선우경Article; Proceedings Paper
2002Reduction of reverse short-channel effect in high-energy implanted retrograde well신형순Conference Paper
2016ReRAM crossbar array: Reduction of access time by reducing the parasitic capacitance of the selector device신형순Article
2014Substrate doping concentration dependence of electron mobility enhancement in uniaxial strained (110)/<110> nMOSFETs신형순Article
2013Substrate doping concentration dependence of electron mobility using the effective deformation potential in uniaxial strained nMOSFETs신형순Conference Paper
2009Surrounding Gate MOSFET의 특성 분석 및 모델링손애리Master's Thesis
2016Switching Time and Stability Evaluation for Writing Operation of STT-MRAM Crossbar Array신형순; 이승준Article
2014Temperature dependence of electron mobility in uniaxial strained nMOSFETs신형순Article
2007The 3-bit gray counter based on magnetic-tunnel-junction elements신형순; 김낙명; 이승준Conference Paper
2017The effect of a source-contacted light shield on the electrical characteristics of an LTPS TFT신형순; 선우경Article