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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009BMP2-Induced reactive oxygen species production is involved in neuronal differentiation and apoptosis of neural crest stem cells이지은Master's Thesis
2017C-terminal tail of NADPH oxidase organizer 1 (Noxo1) mediates interaction with NADPH oxidase activator (Noxa1) in the NOX1 complex배윤수Article
2003Calcium-dependent prevention of neuronal apoptosis by lithium ion: Essential role of phosphoinositide 3-kinase and phospholipase Cγ배윤수Article
2009Cell death and stress signaling in glycogen storage disease type I배윤수; 김소연Short Survey
2003Cellular regulation by hydrogen peroxide이서구; 배윤수Article; Proceedings Paper
2001Creatine Kinase B Is a Target Molecule of Reactive Oxygen Species in Cervical Cancer배윤수Article
2006Critical role of phospholipase Cγ1 in the generation of H 2O2-evoked [Ca2+]i oscillations in cultured rat cortical astrocytes배윤수Article
2011Crosstalk between platelet-derived growth factor-induced Nox4 activation and MUC8 gene overexpression in human airway epithelial cells배윤수Article
2004Cutting edge: Direct interaction of TLR4 with NAD(P)H oxidase 4 isozyme is essential for lipopolysaccharide-induced production of reactive oxygen species and activation of NF-kappa B배윤수; 이원재; 김재상Article
2001Development of ELISA System for Screening of Specific Binding Inhibitors for Src Homology (SH)2 Domain and Phosphotyrosine Interactions배윤수Article
2013Distinct TLR-mediated pathways regulate house dust mite-induced allergic disease in the upper and lower airways배윤수; 김재상Article
2010Downregulation of Wnt-mediated ROS generation is causally implicated in leprechaunism배윤수; 이수영; 김재상Article
2014Dual oxidase 2 in lung epithelia is essential for hyperoxia-induced acute lung injury in mice배윤수Article
2015Dual oxidase 2 is essential for house dust mite-induced pro-inflammatory cytokine production in human keratinocytes배윤수Article
2012Dual oxidase 2 is essential for the toll-like receptor 5-mediated inflammatory response in airway mucosa배윤수Article
2010Dual oxidase in mucosal immunity and host-microbe homeostasis배윤수; 이원재; 최명권Review
1999Effects of a water-soluble antitumor ether phosphonoinositide, D-myo-inositol 4-(hexadecyloxy)-3(S)-methoxybutanephosphonate (C4-PI), on inositol lipid metabolism in breast epithelial cancer cell lines배윤수Article
2018Fc gamma R/ROS/CK2 alpha Is the Key Inducer of NF-kappa B Activation in a Murine Model of Asthma배윤수Article
2016Flagellin-induced NADPH oxidase 4 activation is involved in atherosclerosis배윤수Article
2017Fluorescence-reported allelic exchange mutagenesis reveals a role for Chlamydia trachomatis TmeA in invasion that is independent of host AHNAK배윤수Article
2013Function of Ahnak protein in aortic smooth muscle cell migration through Rac activation배윤수; 강상원; 강동민; 강동훈Article
2014Function of Ahnak protein in BMP2-mediated adipocyte differentiation신선미Doctoral Thesis
2012Function of NADPH oxidase 4 (Nox4) in adipogenesis송정아Master's Thesis
2011Function of NADPH oxidase 4 (Nox4) in BMP2-dependent differentiation of neural crest stem cells조규은Master's Thesis
2009Functional role of NADPH oxidase 4(Nox4) in TLR5 signaling서미선Master's Thesis
2010Functional Switching of TGF-β1 Signaling in Liver Cancer via Epigenetic Modulation of a Single CpG Site in TTP Promoter배윤수Article
2010Functional Switching of TGFβ1 Signaling in Liver Cancer via DNA Methylation of a Single CpG Site in TTP Promoter손보화Doctoral Thesis
2016Glutamine prevents late-phase anaphylaxis via MAPK phosphatase 1-dependent cytosolic phospholipase A2 deactivation배윤수Article
2005Grb2 negatively regulates epidermal growth factor-induced phospholipase C-γ1 activity through the direct interaction with tyrosine-phosphorylated phospholipase C-γ1배윤수Article
2003High level expression of the bioactive human interleukin-10 in milk of transgenic mice배윤수Article