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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Relation between serum folate status and blood mercury concentrations in pregnant women하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 김혜숙Article
2001Relations of folate nutrition to neuropsychological functions in elderly subjects in Korea장남수; 김기남; 김혜숙Meeting Abstract
2012Relationship between body-mass index and serum folate concentrations in pregnant women하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 김혜숙Article
2014Relationship between flavonoids intake and metabolic syndrome in Korean women with polycystic ovary syndrome장남수; 정혜원; 권오란; 김혜숙Article
2013Relationship between food and nutrient intake and the risk of hypertriglyceridemia in Vietnamese women residing in Bavi: The Korean Genome and Epidemiology Study (KoGES)장남수; 정혜원; 김혜숙Article
2016Relationship between fruit and fish intakes and cardiovascular disease risk factors in Korean women with type 2 diabetes mellitus: Based on the 4th and 5th Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys장남수; 김혜숙Article
2014Relationship between left pulse wave velocity, atherogenic index and dietary nutrient density in middle-aged female type 2 diabetes patients장남수; 김혜숙Meeting Abstract
2013Relationship between maternal sodium intake and blood lead concentration during pregnancy하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 김혜숙Article
2013Relationship of cognitive function with B vitamin status, homocysteine, and tissue factor pathway inhibitor in cognitively impaired elderly: A cross-sectional survey장남수; 김혜숙Article
2012Relationship of cognitive function with plasma homocysteine, folate, vitamin B12 levels and nutrient intake in cognitively impaired elderly장남수; 김혜숙Meeting Abstract
2010Relationship of maternal folate nutrition and serum C-reactive protein levels with pregnancy outcome김혜숙Doctoral Thesis
2013Relationship of maternal vitamin C intake with fetal and infant growth: Mothers and Children's Environmental Health (MOCEH)하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 김혜숙Meeting Abstract
2011Relationships of maternal zinc intake from animal foods with fetal growth하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 김혜숙Article
2017Retinol, α-tocopherol, and selected minerals in breast milk of lactating women with full-term infants in South Korea장남수; 김혜숙Article
2008The association of maternal food intake and blood lead levels in pregnant and their newborns하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 김기남; 김혜숙Article
2012The effects of the interaction between adiponectin genotype and dietary folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin E on serum TNF-alpha level in the patients with type 2 diabetes장남수; 김혜숙Meeting Abstract
1982공립국민학교 영어특활교육 실시에 따른 문제점김혜숙Master's Thesis
2016군인의 정신건강 증진을 위한 사이코드라마 프로그램 효과김혜숙Master's Thesis
1994데이빗슨의 원초적 해석론과 회의주의이미호Master's Thesis
2016디제시스(diegesis)로서의 영화김숙Doctoral Thesis
1989라이프니쯔의 개별적 실체관에 대한 고찰나영옥Master's Thesis
2004로티의 자유주의에 대한 고찰이지영Master's Thesis
1995무용수의 극적 표현성 확대를 위한 연기훈련 방법론김혜숙Master's Thesis
2003사내방송 수용자의 이용동기가 매체 만족에 미치는 영향김혜숙Master's Thesis
1989사실혼에 관한 비교법적 연구김혜숙Doctoral Thesis
2004색지각 이론에 관한 고찰이혜신Master's Thesis
1995숭고의 미학과 예술신성림Master's Thesis
2009예술작품 해석에 관한 상대주의 옹호임오주Master's Thesis
2004예술적 인식으로서의 알레고리김미애Master's Thesis
1989유아기 男兒와 아버지의 대화 태도에 대한 연구김혜숙Master's Thesis