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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2006Multilayer transfer printing on microreservoir-patterned substrate employing hydrophilic composite mold for selective immobilization of biomolecules박성수; 김연상Article
2007Nano-imprinted ultrahigh-density nanopore arrays김연상Conference Paper
2005Nanofeature-patterned polymer mold fabrication toward precisely defined nanostructure replication박성수; 김연상Article
2008Nanoparticle assembly into a patterned template by controlling the surface wettability김연상; 김진흥Article
2007No bias pi cell using a dual alignment layer with an intermediate pretilt angle김연상Article
2006Nonheme iron(II) complexes of macrocyclic ligands in the generation of oxoiron(IV) complexes and the catalytic epoxidation of olefins남원우; 김연상; 김관묵; 김진흥; 서미숙Review
2008Orientational transition of liquid crystal molecules by a photoinduced transformation process into a recovery-free silicon oxide layer김연상Article
2005Polyelectrolyte micropatterning using agarose plane stamp and a substrate having microscale features on its surface박성수; 김연상Article
2006Selective patterning and immobilization of biomolecules within precisely-defined micro-reservoirs김연상Article
2007Simple route to hydrophilic microfluidic chip fabrication using an Ultraviolet (UV)-cured polymer박성수; 김연상Article
2007Superhydrophobic modification of gate dielectrics for densely packed pentacene thin film transistors김연상Article
2008Surface property controllable multilayered gate dielectric for low voltage organic thin film transistors김연상Article
2008The directional peeling effect of nanostructured rigiflex molds on liquid-crystal devices: Liquid-crystal alignment and optical properties김연상Article
2007The effect of nanopatterning using rigiflex mold on liquid crystal alignment김연상Conference Paper
2009The fabrication of the silver patterns by selective electroless plating전은선Master's Thesis
2005The role of a second protein (Des VIII) in glycosylation for the biosynthesis of hybrid macrolide antibiotics in Streptomyces venezuelae윤여준; 김연상Article
2009Transparent and Hard Replica Mold for Imprint Lithography김주희Master's Thesis
2010Water-soluble Polymer Dielectric toward High Performance Organic Thin-Film Transistors임성희Master's Thesis